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Gang of five abduct, assault, rape, threaten Kuwaiti youth Stay away from woman, victim told

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 29: Police are looking for five people — four unidentified youths and a young woman — for beating a Kuwaiti youth and forcing him to smoke hashish, reports Al-Rai daily.
According to security sources the victim made acquaintance with the woman through a social networking website and the latter invited him to meet her at an unidentified location in a suburb of Saad Al-Abdullah.
When the youth went to meet her, he was shocked to find two youths waiting for him. They forced him into their vehicle and drove him at gunpoint to another unidentified place where two more youths were waiting for him.
The youths then beat him with a hose pipe until he could take it no more and also forced him to smoke a cigarette filled with hashish under threat. Then they stripped him of his clothes and raped him. They have also threatened him to stay away from the woman.
He has provided the police some information which could lead to the arrest of the suspects.

Man held with drugs: A Kuwaiti was arrested for the possession of drugs and involvement in a swindling case, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
While patrolling on King Fahad Road near Al-Qosor, a team of securitymen stopped the suspect for routine inspection.  When the officers checked his security records, they discovered he is wanted by law for cheating an undisclosed person to the tune of KD 170,000; along with his son who took KD 35,000 from the victim.  The officers also found heroin in the suspect’s vehicle. The citizen was referred to the concerned security department for the necessary legal action.

Driver doing drugs: Personnel from the General Department for Drug Control have arrested an unidentified Asian working as a driver for a Kuwaiti man for consuming drugs, reports Al-Anba daily.
The daily quoting security sources said police acting on information set a trap for the man and caught him red-handed.
Police have also seized 49 grams of heroin from the home of his sponsor.

Entry bid foiled: Three Bangladeshis who tried in vain to enter the country on forged passports have been arrested and referred to the competent authorities, reports Al-Anba daily.
According to security sources the men were deported from the country seven years ago after a court found them guilty of committing crimes.
The men were taken into custody inside the airport before they could approach the immigration desk.

Handbag snatched: Police are looking for an unidentified youth for snatching the handbag of an unidentified Kuwaiti woman while she was shopping at an unidentified mall, reports Al-Rai daily.
According to security sources personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department are working on a tip off provided by an eyewitness.
The woman told police she had KD 35 in the bag in addition to her ATM card.

Theft at barber shop: A Kuwaiti man whose identity has not been disclosed has filed a complaint with the Adailiya Police Station accusing unidentified persons of breaking into his barber shop and stealing KD 1,300, reports Al-Rai daily.
The owner said the money was collected by the Asian workers to be paid — money due to him as per the contract signed with the workers.
Personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department have lifted fingerprints to identify the culprit.

Chalet stolen: A Bahraini citizen, whose identity has not disclosed has filed a complaint with the Salwa Police Station accusing unidentified persons of stealing his mobile chalet which was ‘parked’ in front of his home in the area, reports Al-Rai daily.
The Bahraini put the value of the chalet at KD 2,500. Police are looking for the suspect.

Kuwaiti beats Asian: An unidentified Asian man has filed a complaint with the Sabah Al-Salem Police Station accusing a Kuwaiti man of beating him, reports Al-Rai daily.
He has submitted a medical report from a polyclinic in the area showing injuries on his body.
The Asian added the Kuwaiti summoned him to his house to repair an electric device and when the power of the entire house went off, the Kuwaiti got angry and beat the man.
During interrogation by the police the Kuwaiti admitted to the charge. He said he could not control his temper.
The daily did not give more details.

Duo’s cars stolen: Two people — a diplomat from an unidentified country and a female doctor — have complaints with the Sabah Al-Salem Police Station accusing unidentified persons of stealing their cars and their personal belongings including documents, reports Al-Anba daily.
Police are looking for the suspects.

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