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FILBACK marks year with glitz & glamour Players, visitors dress up in ‘Masquerade Ball

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 19: After a whole year on the badminton courts, it was finally time this week for the players to take on a new role in totally different outfits and a totally different environment. The result was a lot of glitz and glamour as all the players and other invitees tried to outdo the others, while donning beautiful masks, when the pioneer of quality badminton matches in Kuwait – Filipino Badminton Club in Kuwait (FILBACK) – celebrated their achievements of the whole year by organizing the FILBACK Night with a “Masquerade Ball” Theme at the Hyatt Hotel in Maidan Hawally Thursday evening. Everyone was so nicely and elegantly dressed up that no one could have been blamed if they had mistaken the occasion for one attended some well known film stars. None of these stars were present but none were needed as the event had brought out the best in everyone.

The aim of this event was not only to honor the winners of the recently- concluded “Trick or Treat” championship and One-day Tourney but also to boost friendship and camaraderie besides promoting badminton as a sport. The event was also an early celebration of the Christmas season since quite a handful of FILBACK members will be traveling out of the country in December .This was one of the main reasons that the organizers decided to observe the occasion at the earliest date possible. The evening’s proceedings were hosted by Lucy Cortezano, one of FILBACK’s founding members and Press Officer of the organization, along with Alpha Phi Omega Kuwait Alumni Association (APOKAA-153) President Noel Amador and FILBACK Founding Chairman Caloy Abesamis.

The event started off with raffle draw in which Western Union gift items were given away. There was also a black out BINGO game followed closely by the presentation of a 48” Flat Screen TV – courtesy of Western Union – to the winner Richard Amoto , who also took the Mr Masquerade title that evening as he was wearing a “Zorro” outfit. Western Union trolley bags and backpacks were also given to the winners of BINGO. The event saw Robert Constantino – Marketing Manager and Jerby Vera – Promoter of Western Union grace the occasion.

To continue the fun there a number of special performances from various stars of the evening as they vied with each other to bring the best out of the audience and have each person present enjoy the occasion.
A song and dance number from Mika and Venice Perea brough a lot of loud cheers from the audience while the Gangnam Dance Craze was performed by really amazing TG (Tropang Gising)-“Awake Group”. All of them were a delight to watch with all the audience tapping their feet during the beautiful songs and exciting dances.

FILBACK officers and Alpha Phi Omega Kuwait Alumni Association (APOKAA-153) Bros and Sis made sure to produce ‘a special piece’ that brought laughter from the crowds. It was a delight to watch these veterans the “veterans” wiggle their hips in the dance, as it was called, being choreographed by one of Kuwait’s talented and prominent Filipino community member Albert Naguit – another FILBACK Officer. The vibrant Gerrie Satorre brought the floor to its feet with her sizzling dance solo .Gerrie was really a delight to watch. This young girl is the pride of FILBACK family and has never failed to amaze the audience at all the celebrations.

There were more treats from Mags Venice and Mika who call themselves TG Stars .The once again hit the deck with exhilarating dance and song numbers while Sanib – “Possessed” Group – performed a medley dance number the covered all the genre’ – ballroom, pop, hip hop and comedy – and brought loud cheers from all those present.

Trick or Treat Tourney
Meanwhile, the recognition of the “Trick or Treat” tournament winners saw  trophies being presented by APOKAA-153 President Noel Amador and FILBACK Founding Chairman Caloy Abesamis to the following players who finished among the top three in each category of the championship:

Level A
Champions – James Aguinaldo & Jojo Cantero
1st runners-up – Roy Satorre & Ed Buensuceso
2nd runners-up Mathew Jacob & Mohammed Rafiq

Level B
Champions – Kevin Yap & Chito Santos
1st runners-up Neil Montesa & Chato Guillermo
2nd runners-up Romeo Longalong & Alyssa Tagate

Mixed B
Champions – Arnel Miguel & Susan Santos
1st runners-up – Bingo Bubog & Aravinda
2nd runners-up – Roselyn Briones & John Martin Pecson

Mixed C
Champions – Jun Agustin & Alex Hernandez
1st runners-up – Derek Noronha & Val Canicosa
2nd runners-up – Restine Rose Lumino & Ninette Regner

Level D
Champions – Efren Alvarez & Jocelyn Abatayo
1st runners-up – Mayeen Abesamis & Josie Tinio
2nd runners-up – Bonnie Lazatin & Gerrie Satorre

One-day Tourney
On the other hand, the One-Day Tourney winners were also honored for their achievement and given medals as follows with only the top two pairs in the top-most category and the champion in all the other sections getting awards :

Level A
Champions – Roy Satorre & Nato Calanog
1st runners-up – Nestor Farinas & Allan Sayoto

 Level B
Champions – Andrew Dalida & Carl Talampas

Mixed B
Champions – Berlyn Calderon & Lowela Cayme

Level D
Champions – Eileene Isidro & Efren Alvarez.
Meanwhile, as part of FILBACK and APOKAA-153’s commitment to the community Alpha Phi Omega Kuwait Alumni Association President Noel Amador outlined the organization’s objectives – Leadership, Friendship and Service.

Amador briefly discussed how the group was started over 7 years ago and the people involved in the project. He also focused on some of the main achievements of the organization . FILBACK has not only been conducting badminton tournament as it has joined hands over the years with APOKAA-153 to help the Filipino community, not only in Kuwait but also back home in the Philippines.
Amador also presented some of the projects that the organization undertook and finished with a lot of success. So far there have been eight Educational TV Packages given to various schools in the Philippines, plus some projects in the POLO-OWWA where the distressed Filipino workers are housed.
While involving itself in all the sports and social events, which both require different skills and a lot of dedication, FILBACK has become one of the best recognized and most respected organizations in the country with the membership continuing to swell up.
This can be seen from the large number of members who are present on the courts every Friday as they try not only to keep fit but also boost friendship as they meet at possibly the same venue every week.

Special Awards
APOKAA-153 President Amador, Tammy Solaiman, Chito Santos, FILBACK Founding Chairman Abesamis and FILBACK Director Leo Regner were the judges in one of the most-awaited part of the programme in which three Special Awards were given to Star of the Night –Male & Female, Best Masquerade – Male & Female and Mr. & Ms FILBACK 2012.
The winners after a lot of tough competition, possibly tougher than the one they see on the badminton courts every week, and after stealing the hearts of all those present were as follows:

Stars of the Night
Male – Danny Quindoza
Female – Mayeen “FILBACK Mommy” Abesamis
Best Masquerade
Male – Richard Amoto
Female – Lourdes Orbase
John Martin Pecson
Shelou Delen.

Even after the presentation of the awards the evening was still young and saw all those present indulge themselves in a sumptuous feast before deciding to shed the extra pounds they had gained as a result by taking to the dance floor to conclude the event’s proceedings. If the aim of the evening had been to ensure that everyone enjoyed themselves, the organizers certainly achieved their aim as everyone went home after having lots of fun and all in praise of the event.

FILBACK organizers would like to thank Robert Constantino – Marketing Manager and Jerby Vera – Promoter from Western Union and dotsNpink CupCakery Irene-Baker (65727172) and Henry – PR (97650119) and for their support for the event.

By: Jose Gabriel

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