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Hepatitis B shots available ‘Part of vaccination program’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 17: Public Health Director of Ministry of Health Dr Yousef Mandikar has refuted the rumor spread by some newspapers that the ministry does not have vaccine for hepatitis B, saying the vaccine is available in all preventive health centers across the country, reports Al-Rai daily.

Dr Mandikar disclosed that the hepatitis B vaccine has been a part of the vaccination program for infants for many years, stressing that vaccination is very important for disease prevention.

He revealed that the Medical Warehouses Department is responsible for the provision of hepatitis B vaccines at health centers, indicating that the officials from the department ensure that the required medicines are supplied to health centers every week. However, he revealed that there have been delays in the delivery at times.

He indicated that a recommendation was submitted to the Executive Office for GCC Health Ministers Council during their last meeting in October, explaining, “The recommendation has to do with improving medical examination procedures for expatriate workers to prevent spread of diseases.”

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