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Ministry of Justice installs K-net system to facilitate fees payment No total dependence on cash

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 7, (KUNA): The Ministry of Justice has installed the K-net pre-paid system with the aim of facilitating work and payment of fees, following other state departments operating the local payment network.

Undersecretary Abdul-Aziz Al-Majed, who launched the K-net payment system at the ministry’s services centers and departments of the General Directorate for Execution of Verdicts, indicated that the first and second stages of the project were already in effect; which is payment at the Department of Real-Estate Registration and Documentation, the courts’ chambers, the ministry’s services stations and the Ministry of Justice Office at Kuwait International Airport.

The new system relieves the ministry of total dependence on cash payments, which is costly because the State makes contracts with special companies for money transfer, Al-Majed said.

General Manager of K-net Abdullah Al-Ajmi indicated that the new system was linked to the electronic payment system of the Ministry of Interior, noting that the expansion of the state electronic payment networks reached its 20th anniversary. Elaborating, Al-Ajmi said up to KD 100 million worth of fees were paid to the state through the electronic system this year. Collected money for up to 21 government departments was paid in 500,000 processes. Up to KD 55 million were paid for the Ministry of Justice alone.

Nabil Al-Rubaiaa, the advisor of the bureau of the justice undersecretary, said returns of the ministry increased as a result of installment of the high-tech system, predicting that the department would collect up to KD two-four million via the network per year, eventually.

The K-net machines have been installed at all service centers of the Ministry of Interior, he added. K-net, over the past year, expanded operations, reaching 100 million ones, at an estimated fund of KD seven billion.

For his part Badr Al-Sultaiteen, in charge of the department of planning and corporate resources and the director of the government electronic payment project, indicated that his ministry was also operating the K-net payment system, indicating that citizens could also use the internet to pay the fees.

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