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We have had enough oh our guardian … save us! Ears shut to seat-seekers

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 27: OH MASTER and my Guardian! Over the last months, your people have been under trial for their alleged disloyalty to their Amir and their nation. Throughout that period, they proved their loyalty and obedience towards you and the whole ruling family, particularly when the power-seekers disregarded Kuwaiti diligence, values and national demands. Along with those who instigate chaos and focus on personal interests, they have been left behind due to their attitude. Their interests are not related to development, the proposed cancellation of debts, reforms or anti-corruption efforts. They have not taken into consideration the public demands, which they had earlier used as campaign slogans in a bid to blind the people and obtain electoral support.

They have been committing hideous political acts to gain power and control all State institutions, up to the extent of tarnishing your reputation and that of the entire ruling family, until the people discovered their deception. They have fabricated stories and deceived the public to achieve their personal goals, without any regard for the welfare of the nation and its people.

Oh my Guardian! Your people did not listen to rumors spread by the ‘seat-seekers’, even when the latter claimed that our country quenches the thirst of those who are far away, while those closer to it are dying with thirst. They alleged our country is ready to give billions to other Arab and Islamic nations, citing as an example the purported donation of 20 billion in the next five years while giving chicken feed to its own people. Despite these allegations, an overwhelming majority of the people in Kuwait stood by the guardian of their affairs and that of the country. What else can be expected from the people of Kuwait after this noble stand on justice and easing the burdens of others?

All newspapers in Kuwait had earlier published calls on HH the Amir to ease the burden of the people and improve their economic condition, especially those engulfed by debts at a time when the whole world was facing the same problem. Allah, the Most Gracious, has blessed Kuwait with wealth which the government needs to tap in order end the suffering of the people. Why don’t the citizens of Kuwait deserve that, considering they have foiled the plans of the blackmailing group in Kuwait which tried to replicate the Arab Spring?

The people of Kuwait have proven their ability to be patient for the sake of their country’s stability. They have been fighting aggravators for a long time, and now they are looking upon you to ease their burden, particularly those who have been referred to court due to their inability to pay their debts. Open the taps which were closed by those who think only of their own welfare. They have created a high wall to separate the citizens from their rulers; yet the people’s faith and trust in the guardian of their affairs remains unshaken.

Oh our guardian! Kuwait will not regain its lost beauty and vigor unless its people get relief from their financial problems. We reiterate that easing the financial burdens of the people will not cost much and it is the simplest solution one can envisage. But if we have a government easily shaken by the statement of an MP or an article which criticizes any of its elements, we will never get out of the quagmire and we will continue being captives of the fabricated economic crisis.

Indicators of the fabricated economic crisis are seen in the stock market which represents a third of Kuwait’s economy that some selfish people want to sink in mud so they can benefit more from it; in investment projects crying for funds; and in huge projects paralyzed by a speech made by a lawmaker or a piercing statement, including the Dow Chemicals, electricity, water and northern oilfield projects. The crisis-provokers had even accused the government of mishandling the issues.

We will not be disclosing a secret if we say that the losses caused by the botched Dow Chemical deal is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the burdens of those unable to pay their debts which are estimated at more than KD 9 million. If the big mouths really care about the Kuwaitis, why don’t they save us from the penalty imposed on the State due to their political intimidation and then use the money for writing off debts?

It is not surprising that the ‘seat seekers’ are the ones magnifying the pain of the people of Kuwait, specifically through the Ahmad Al-Saadoun and Musallam Al-Barrak debt bill. Thousands of Kuwaitis are still suffering the consequences of those debts. Everyone remembers how the aggravators adopted a stand, similar to their position on the Dow Chemical deal, after the passage of the bill. They thought the Kuwaitis have short-term memories so they can easily forget those who have deceived and tortured them. In both cases, they hurled the same accusations without providing any evidence. They have accused some people of stealing and now they are back with the same style, while those who had pinned hope on the debt relief fund are still overwhelmed by debt because the fund worsened their financial problems, instead of easing their burdens.

My Master, my Guardian, your people are seeking for relief from this choking crisis, but this will not happen through the establishment of more committees, studies and suggestions. Your people need a fatherly decision which sympathizes with thousands of Kuwaitis suffering in the ‘hell’ of loans.
Those who gather at Erada Square do not represent the nation; they are just a fraction of the entire populace. However, they have been trying to impose their will because the aggravators in the legislative authority have a short vision and their sight does not go beyond the grounds of the square. They have thrown away the interest and welfare of the nation and its people who are caught between the needle of the government and the hammer of the selfish MPs.

My Master, your people are calling upon you to save them. Save us... save us... save us. We have had enough.

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah - Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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