Many Pinocchios

WHEN we were young we read about the fictional character created by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi (Pinocchio 1883) whose nose grew bigger each time he told a lie. In this respect the American journalist Glenn Kessler, who writes a popular blog for the Washington Post newspaper, specializes in disclosing lies of US politicians. Moreover, any politician after investigation if found guilty of telling lies, Kessler sends him long noses as a ‘gift’ to remind him that he is no different from the Italian Pinocchio.

Kessler sent four noses in early March 2014 to Paul Ryan — this is the biggest number of noses he has so far sent to anyone — a senior member of the Republican Party and US House of Representatives. Ryan is known for criticizing President Barack Obama for his social support policy. His contention is that this support will make the poor dependent on the State and make them sluggish. To prove that even the poor are not dependent on social support Ryan quoted the senior US official Anderson as saying she met one poor student who complained that he eats free lunch provided by the government social care program and how he hoped his family was not poor enough to make him a sandwich which he could eat with fellow students without being embarrassed.

When Kessler read the news he remembered hearing this story. After doing some research work he discovered it was Anderson and then when she was confronted by the Congress she was asked what was the best way of assisting students who are poor and Kessler discovered the story was narrated as a tale in a children’s book in 2011. When Kessler discovered Anderson’s lies, she sent him an apology through her secretary. The apology note read: ‘Mrs. Anderson told lies when she said she met the student. What she meant was she had heard the story of the student’.

Kessler sent Ryan 4 noses as we said before and he sent Anderson one.  Imagine if we had a Kessler in Kuwait to disclose the follies of our politicians, whose noses would be big enough by now if we go by the fictional character (Pinocchio). The US Assistant Secretary of Finance for Terrorist Financing accused one of our politicians of having a long history of supporting terrorism and terrorists. And our politician ‘tweeted’ from outside Kuwait saying he has a long history of assisting poor people in Syria and Yemen. We do not actually know the secret behind his sympathy and pity for poor people ‘only’ of Syria and Yemen.

One of the politicians, a senior official in the Kuwaiti Brotherhood and the world body too always says Kuwaiti Brotherhood does not have any relation with the international organization. Moreover, at the same time he defends the world organization which is characterized with terrorism in Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Uncle Mohammed Jassem Al-Saddah has given me a valuable book on the black history of the Brotherhood and its members. This is in addition to the stories he told me about them in Kuwait to prove their allegiance to the international body since they do not help any needy foreigner except if the person carries a recommendation from senior Brotherhood officials of his country.

We hope Kuwait’s Ministry of Information will invite Glenn Kessler to visit the country to see the big noses of scores of our politicians who are professional liars. These noses are definitely a replica of Pinocchio’s.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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