Panel to discuss modifications to conscription law: Al-Tamimi MP eyes changes to some articles of citizenship law

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 19: Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Interior and Defense Committee MP Abdullah Al-Tamimi has said modifications to the law of compulsory military service will be discussed, as it allows Kuwaiti woman over 21- 30 years old to join the military service voluntarily, reports Al-Rai daily. He stressed that compulsory service is applicable on those who meet the conditions to join the military. He also said those who fulfill the prerequisite for the military but have already taken up jobs could postpone the service for one year. Also, citizens who are 21years old and unemployed in public or private sectors are exempted from the compulsory military service. However, those who hold secondary certificate or less will be required to serve two years, while those with diploma will serve for one and half years, and others with academic certificate or higher certificate will be required to serve for one year.

Furthermore, the recruits will be recompensed based on educational level, with a minimum of KD500 exclusive of their salaries or career incentives. In an unrelated issue, Al- Tamimi called for the sons of martyrs who are registered in the Martyrs Office to be naturalized provided that these martyrs had died in the Arab wars of 1967 and 1973, noting 1990 is to be included. Meanwhile, MP Saleh Ashour proposed amendments to some articles of citizenship law number 15/1959, according to press statement. In the first proposal, MP Ashour recommended cancellation of item 5 of Article 4 of citizenship law that stipulates Kuwaiti citizenship should be granted after a minimum of five years to those who are Muslim by birth or those who have embraced Islam and practice Islam based on conventional methods and procedures in the country.

As per the proposal, citizenship will be revoked by the power of law, while citizenship acquired through conventional procedures will be annulled when the citizen renounces Islam or adopts characteristics that suggest he has forsaken Islam. The law will determine the number of citizenship to be issued per year in accordance with the proposal. In the second proposal, MP Ashour suggested cancellation of Article 8 of the citizenship law that allows the issuance of citizenship to foreigners who are married to Kuwaiti men through the Interior Ministry on condition that the marriage continues for at least 5 years. The law also allows the Interior Ministry to exempt non- Kuwaiti women who are married to Kuwaitis for 5 years, even in cases of death or divorce. It allows the issuance of citizenship to divorcees or widows by the Interior Ministry in the first five years of marriage if children were born to the Kuwaiti husband, and the woman chooses to maintain her legal residency in Kuwait until she completes 5 years.


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