Group supports Bedoun, freedom of expression ‘Pull charges against bloggers’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 30: Kuwait Tayar Taqadomi (a liberal group comprising of youths) discussed a number of issues on its agenda concerning political plans and regulatory reports at its ninth general assembly meeting recently, where members agreed on appropriate decisions, according to press statement. The assembly affirmed its decision to support the withdrawal of charges against people who have been arrested for expressing public opinion and holding public gatherings, and deleting all laws that restrict political freedom.

The members expressed support for Kuwaiti Bedoun activists who are fighting for their rights by pressing for permanent solution to their problems through peaceful demonstrations scheduled to take place on Oct 2, devoid of violence. The group stands firm by agitating for lasting solution to the problems citizens face, especially on housing and education — particularly university admission, environment pollution in Jahra, and other issues concerning the workers syndicates in oil sector. The group denounced serious violations committed by Zionists and the settlers against Al-Aqsa Mosque, affirming the content of a joint communiquÈ issued alongside the Democratic Platform Bloc is in solidarity with the struggle of Sudanese who are fighting for freedom, dignity and social justice, and against government oppression, corruption and bad economic policies.

The meeting discussed report on the regulatory status and observations of the political advisory council, adding they approved the report in principle. The executive office is expected to redraft the document and initiate procedures for its execution. The meeting was satisfied with the efforts and activities of its executive office and committees for creating a document entitled “Kuwait Tayar Taqadomi’s vision for democratic reform”, which has been published in media for public opinion.

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