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My profession is "Mandoub  Mubiyat" and the company wants to upgrade me to 'Division Manager'. I am a graduate with a salary of KD 750. Please let me know if I will face any difficulty in renewing my license.

Name withheld Answer: Yes, you will have problems and your license will not be renewed. The rule on this issue is very clear: if you got the driving license with the designation of either “driver” or “mandoub” (company representative) on your work permits and this is changed ... you lose the licenses. In fact now, the Interior Ministry has added that if you got the license as a student or a housewife you stand to lose the driving license if there is a change in these designations or your status

I want to clarify the recent news that the Ministry of Interior may cancel licenses of ex-students and housewives .

1. I got my license in 2002 when I was a student but now I am employed with an over 400 KD salary and a university degree.

2. My wife got her license in 2011 and at that time she was a housewife. I had submitted all the legal papers like the university degree, my child’s Civil ID Copy and her stay in the country was over 2 years. But now for the last 10 months my wife has been working and even she has changed her residence from family to work permit (the place where she is employed).

3. My question is that as per this new rule will they cancel mine and my wife’s driving licenses.

Name withheld

 Answer: Yes, your driving licenses (both yours and that of your wife) will be cancelled. The Ministry of Interior (through the Traffic Department) was very clear on this issue: if you got the driving license when you were a student or a housewife, you will lose these documents as soon as the residence status changes ... like when you get a job and have a work permit. It doesn’t matter what you are earning or how long you have been in Kuwait. You, however, have the right to reapply for the license if you meet all the following three conditions: 1. Have been in Kuwait for at least two years at the time of application. 2. Must be earning at least KD 400 a month. Must be a university graduate.




I would like to know whether my driving license will be affected if the designation on my residence papers is changed from house- wife (dependent) to teacher’s visa (work permit).

Name withheld

Answer: Yes, your driving license will be withdrawn. These are the latest Interior Ministry instructions on the issue. According to the ministry, all those who got the driving licenses when they were students or housewives will have their licenses withdrawn when they get work permits.


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