Al Habtoor Family with a group of senior executives from MMC, Japan.
Al Habtoor receives President of Mitsubishi Motors

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, Chairman of the Al Habtoor Group, received yesterday Sunday July 21, 2013, Osamu Masuko, at his Majlis on Al Wasl Road. Masuko is the President of giant Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) since 2005.
Masuko's joined Al Habtoor, his family and guests for Iftar. This comes as a courtesy visit to congratulate Al Habtoor for the Holy Month of Ramadan. Present at the Al Habtoor Majlis were Sultan Al Habtoor, Rashid Al Habtoor, Mohammed Al Habtoor, Ahmad Al Habtoor, Karl Hamer, Managing Director Al Habtoor Motors, and other dignitaries from the UAE. Masuko was accompanied by a group of senior executives from MMC, Japan.

Established in 1983, Al Habtoor Motors (AHM) is the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles in the UAE. AHM is the top Mitsubishi dealer in the Middle East region performing impressively in both individual and fleet sales. The company was awarded the prestigious Mitsubishi Fuso Award for being 'No.1 in the World' for 2011.
Al Habtoor welcomed Masuko at his Majlis saying: "Since the 80s, we as Al Habtoor Group and Mitsubishi Motors have enjoyed a great relationship. We are partners in the success. And I am pleased to welcome Masuko in my Majlis to share our Ramadan traditions."
The two men discussed the economic situation in the UAE and Asia, particularly in Japan. The Bank of Japan recently announced that economic conditions in country are starting to recover, citing success of aggressive monetary policy, heavy government spending and pro-growth changes.

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