Ali Al-Omair registering as a candidate for the parliamentary poll.
38 register for poll on day five Marzouq Al-Ghanem signs up

KUWAIT CITY, July 1: Thirty-eight hopefuls registered on Monday to contest the upcoming National Assembly elections, bringing up the total number of contenders to 217. The candidates who registered on the fifth day included a few who had earlier opposed the one vote electoral system and boycotted the December 2012 elections, including the Second Constituency candidate Riyadh Al-Adsani. Former MP and Third Constituency candidate Faisal Al-Shaye stressed after the Constitutional Court gave its verdict on the one vote decree; he doesn’t see any objection to participate in the upcoming elections. Speaking to reporters after filing his nomination papers, Al-Shaye stated, “If we believe in the state of constitutional institutions then we must participate in the elections and respect the court rulings. There is no regime without ‘negatives’ but our role is to try to reduce these negativities as much as possible.”

Former MP and Second Constituency candidate, Marzouq Al-Ghanem said the changes can only take place inside the Parliament not on the street. He added, “The next Parliament will be the crossroad like the Parliament of 1971 and it will see more achievement.”
He expects a huge turnout in the upcoming elections because the Constitutional Court has resolved the issue of the one man one vote decree.
Asked if the National Action Bloc (NAB) will return in the next Parliament, Al-Ghanem said it is left to the Kuwaiti people to decide. It is worth mentioning that all members of NAB, Al-Ghanem, Abdullah Al-Roumi, Saleh Al-Mullah and Aseel Al-Awadhi were among the opposition who boycotted the previous elections in protest against the one vote decree.

For his part, former MP and Third Constituency candidate Ali Al-Omair said after the court upheld the one vote decree every citizen has to participate in the elections as a mark of respect for the court verdict. He added, there is no longer any excuse for boycotting the elections.
Asked if he will contest for the post of Speaker of the National Assembly, Al-Omair said it is premature to talk on this issue now.
He went on to say he will announce his plan after reading the structure of the next Parliament.
July 1, 2013 registration - 38 men

First Constituency
1. Ismail Kamal Kamal
2. Hussein Nasser Al-Huraiti
3. Ziad Mohammed Al-Tamimi
4. Abdullah Mohammad Al-Turaiji
5. Mubarak Salem Al-Haraees

Second Constituency
1. Khaled Atheeb Al-Dhafairi
2. Riyadh Ahmad Al-Adsani
3. Tareq Abdulrahman Al-Rowaih
4. Abdulrahman Saleh Al-Jeeran
5. Abdullah Sulaiman Al-Saeed
6. Owdah Owdah Al-Ruwaiei
7. Marzouk Ali Al-Ghanim

Third Constituency
1. Hamad Abdullah Al-Saree’
2. Khaled Abdullatif Al-Duwaisan
3. Abdulaziz Mohammad Al-Samhan
4. Ataallah Qunaiter Al-Enezi
5. Ali Saleh Al-Omair
6. Faisal Fahad Al-Shaya
7. Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Sarawwi
8. Mishari Mohammad Al-Enezi

Fourth Constituency
1. Dakheel Mubarak Al-Dayhani
2. Saad Ali Al-Rushaidi
3. Saoud Nashmi Al-Huraiji
4. Abdullah Magrash Al-Rushaidi
5. Moharib Ghazi Al-Harbi
6. Mofrah Awad Al-Mutairi
7. Nasser Haji Al-Hayfi

Fifth Constituency
1. Ahmad Safr Abbas
2. Badr Nasser Al-Azmi
3. Khalaf Mohammad Al-Failakawi
4. Abdulrahman Ibrahim Al-Shimmari
5. Abdullah Salem Mahmoud
6. Abdullah Faleh Al-Ajmi
7. Ali Nasser Al-Azmi
8. Amar Abdullah Al-Hamadi
9. Fadhl Assad Ali
10. Mishel Sulaiman Al-Shatti
11. Nahar Thaql Al-Otaibi

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim and Nihal Sharaf

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