New cameras working

KUWAIT CITY, May 21: The Ministry of Interior announced Tuesday it has started the operation of the newly-installed speed cameras which have been placed on most traffic arteries and intersections across the country.

The new cameras will enable the traffic department at the ministry to be constantly attuned to road conditions, particularly to traffic bottlenecks, congested roundabouts, as well as the functionality of traffic lights, said Adel Al-Hashash, Director of Public Relations at the ministry.

These new cameras will do wonders in alerting the traffic department as to how to deploy its fleet of cruisers and at what hours to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, in particular at rush hours of the day, he said. Supplementing the work of the cameras will be the work that is done by the traffic police, who have been of late carrying out traffic inspection campaigns to weed out bad drivers and ticket those who violate traffic rules and regulations, he said.

He urged all drivers to drive the speed limit allowed by the law, to pay attention to road signs, to not text while driving or use the cell phone for calls, and to wear the seatbelt. (KUNA)

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