Mubarak rejoice for you’ve been patient

FORMER Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak did not predict the future when he said two years ago that “chaos is lurking in Egypt.” Actually, he was reading the political reality in his country at the time. Here is Egypt, flooded with blood, destruction and conflicts between the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, which now holds the reigns of power, and the majority Egyptians.

On that day, Mubarak told the countries, which stood against him and put pressure on him to step down: ‘’Let us fix whatever corruption has destroyed; otherwise, the country will fall victim to the greediness of the Brotherhood which is keen on controlling the entire nation.”

However, those outside the house did not know what was happening inside. Therefore, those who were against Mubarak stood firm by their decision, which could only be interpreted as a way of encouraging chaos and collapse of the regime. Today, the people of Egypt are drinking from a glass full of painful facts.

It is true that Egypt is not far from corruption, just like any other country, because corruption has become an international currency and the rate differs from one nation to another. It is now on the verge of collapse. The land of the Canaanites is currently facing the biggest challenge – to prevent its transformation into another Somalia. During the reign of Mubarak, every problem had a solution; but there is no remedy for a failed State as shown in the history of the group and other religious blocs. This is the flood that Mubarak had warned about.

The level of corruption reached by the Brotherhood within a short period is a hundredfold of what the revolutionaries had announced and what some political circles in the world had exaggerated. Apparently, the Brotherhood took advantage of the situation to steal Egypt’s fortunes and to take the mantle of leadership in order to start their organized looting operations. Within a few months, they have stolen everything. This has prompted the people of Egypt to take to the streets again. The people have realized the truth in the previous statements of the former President; particularly when he gave them a sincere warning as someone who believes in his country, far from the claims of the Brotherhood leaders that he had threatened to wreak havoc.

If Mubarak wanted chaos in Egypt, he would have stayed and endured humiliation with good-natured tolerance and determination. He would have left the country in flames. He was also quoted as saying, ‘’I was born in the land of Egypt, I fought for it and I devoted my whole life to it. I will die in the same land.”
The man appeared in court with fortitude and determination because he believes that Allah, the Almighty, rewards those who are patient. His smile seemed to convey a message to the Brotherhood: “Thank you for exposing yourselves and your hideousness. Whatever you have looted in months is more than what we have been accused of stealing. The number of people they killed exceeds those who died during the revolution.”

Believers are always tempted; but after overcoming the temptations, jubilation follows in a manner which Allah, the Almighty, had promised. Mubarak is one of these believers, especially after the exposure of the ill-intentions of those who transgressed Egypt under the religious slogan. Despite all that, it doesn’t mean there were no mistakes during the reign of Mubarak. In every country, there are wicked people who penetrate the institutions and they spread the effect of their wickedness on the ruler in order to avoid bearing the responsibility for their actions.

Nevertheless, all the mistakes committed under his rule are not even a tenth of what the Brotherhood have done in a few months. In fact, all the water on Earth cannot wipe out the horrible effects of their mistakes. The Egyptians have risen from their deep slumber. They are no longer oblivious to the Brotherhood deception. They have realized the honesty of their former president, who will definitely emerge victorious on the road. We then say this to Mubarak: Be sure that the people of Egypt will avenge for you against those who were unjust to you and Egypt. This is the promise of our punish the unjust.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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