2nd TEC Open Chess Championship kicks off ‘Event internationally rated’

KUWAIT CITY, April 8: The 2nd Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) Open Chess Championship took off on Sunday evening at the Kuwait Yacht Club. This is the second official championship being held by TEC’s Kuwait Mind Sports Association (KMSA), though unofficial tournaments have been held previously. The championship is set to take place until April 25, and is open to all ages, and to both amateur and trained players. “This is my second time judging a championship in Kuwait,” Championship Director and Referee Shaker Al-Afow told the Arab Times. “The first was the Gulf Championship in 2005.” Al-’Afow came from Bahrain especially to judge the championship.

“According to the records the numbers have gone up since last year, and this is the first time that Kuwait has a championship that is internationally rated,” he added. There are 94 contestants in the championship, from across all age groups and boundaries. The winner of the 1st Open Chess Championship last year was Ferdinand Lemmings. “The championship takes place over 9 rounds, in accordance with the Swiss system,” stated Referee Khalaf Al-Azmi. “We have applied the rules of the International Federation.”

Each player is allotted an hour and thirty minutes, with each move taking a maximum of thirty seconds. Chess falls under the jurisdiction of KMSA, which has a chess club, along with bridge, domino and checkers. “Chess does not rely on a luck percentage at all; it’s all you and your mental efforts and capacities. It’s a mental exercise, for those who want to make their minds fit. And it’s a measure of intelligence, in various countries,” added Al-Azmi. The championship will take place over three weeks at the Yacht Club in Salmiyah, and the winner will be announced in April 25. KMSA will be holding the championship annually, in conjunction to the chess club.

By Joana Saba
Arab Times Staff

By: Joana Saba

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