‘Prohibit import of certain products for national days’ ‘Deal’ leads to drop in price of eggs

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 19:  The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has forwarded a letter to the General Customs Department on prohibiting the entry of imported products for the National and Liberation days celebrations like different kinds of balloons and materials for the printing of Kuwaiti flags, reports Al-Nahar daily quoting sources.

Sources said the ministry has instructed the companies that distribute the abovementioned goods to refrain from dealing with manufacturers from abroad because these products are counterfeit and they carry slogans in favor of certain groups in Kuwait.

In another development, sources disclosed the price of eggs in the local market has dropped due to an agreement between the importers and the ministry, in coordination with the Cooperative Societies Union, for the cooperative societies to sell the product at cost price. 

However, sources warned the price of eggs might increase again after the inclusion of the product in the food ration cards for citizens.  Sources explained the cooperative societies incurred losses after selling the product at cost price because some greedy traders have allegedly took advantage of the delayed implementation of the decision to include eggs on the list of subsidized food items for Kuwaitis. 

Sources said the decision was supposed to be executed at the beginning of this year to ease the financial burdens of citizens but no concrete step has been taken in this regard until now.

Moreover, the local car parts distributors have reached an agreement with the ministry to offer one-year warranty for the new tyres they sell.  Sources said these distributors responded to the ministerial directive after holding a series of meetings with tyre manufacturers to avoid huge losses in case the products are defective.  Sources added this is in line with ministerial decision number 555/2012 on the right of consumers to return damaged goods.

Meanwhile Al-Anba daily has reported that the ministry intends to cancel the commercial licenses of 240 companies due to their failure to submit their financial statements for more than a year.  Sources said the ministry has given these companies enough time to comply with the directive but they still failed to meet the deadline under the pretext that the period covered by their general assembly meetings had been increased from one to two fiscal years.

Meanwhile, Minister of Commerce and Industry Anas Al-Saleh has instructed all ministry officials to refrain from revealing information about the institution to the media.

In his circular, the minister stressed that any information regarding the ministry should come from a unique source authorized to publish news or data about the ministry without mentioning the agency or unit in charge of this.

Meanwhile, sources said the media agencies have expressed disappointment over the decision, especially since the minister did not name the institution tasked to give information about the ministry. 
The media agencies consider the action an obstacle to their work.  They also warned that it will pave the way for the spread of rumors or unverified information.  They asserted the minister should allow the reporters to do their job, because he is not always available to give information that the other officials might also know. 

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