Knowledge management key to corporate success: expert Ahmed outlines importance and implementation of KM

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 19: The Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) hosted a lecture by international management expert, Professor Allam Ahmed on the importance and implementation of Knowledge Management. Professor Allam Ahmed is based at the Science and Technology Policy Research unit at the University of Sussex, where he has also established a leading postgraduate program in international management. Ahmed is also the founding director of the Middle Eastern Knowledge Economy Institute (MEKEI) at the University of Brighton.

In his lecture, Professor Allam outlined the importance of introducing the idea of Knowledge Management (KM) into corporate strategies, emphasizing the importance of dissemination of information for the success of companies and institutions. He discussed the various advantages and obstacles that would be faced in doing so, pointing to specific examples where KM was proven to result in better strategy and positive overall outcomes. Ahmed stressed the importance of transferring knowledge, information and technology in institutions, to further optimize operations. He further stated that one challenge when it comes to implementing KM is spreading awareness on its importance.

Some of the problems facing the implementation of KM are mainly due to misinformation and attitude, including the notions that experts are unwilling to share their information, not knowing what knowledge others have, and fear that a system may not be able to sustain such information. Ahmed also stated that KM is often met with the reluctance of consultants to share information out of fear of lowering their value. However, he stated that companies and institutions where KM is part of the general strategy have proven to be much more profitable, with much higher rates of employee satisfaction. Amongst the success factors, he stated, are systematic participation, communication policies, user potential, sustainability, progress, sufficient funding and good timing. He further added that KM has proven to be the only means for continuous growth.

By Joana Saba - Arab Times Staff

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