‘Abuse cannot harm Islam, Prophet’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 18, (KUNA): College of Sharia and Islamic Studies at Kuwait University has organized a conference entitled ‘Insulting Islam and its Sanctities’, within its role in the government program to highlight moderation of Islam, fighting extremism as well as its role in enlightening and informing the Muslim community through studying the phenomenon of insulting Islam and its sanctities.

College Dean Dr Mubarak Al-Hajri recalled in his speech at the conference the numerous cases in which Islam and its sanctities were defamed and insulted as well as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

“We know for sure that these abuses cannot harm our religion, our Prophet and our holy places as it has been proven throughout history that Islam spreads quickly when its enemies start defaming or insulting the faith”.

Among the most important reasons for holding the conference he said is to show to the world the leniency of Islam and stop those who carry out demolition or destructive acts against buildings and public utilities.
He pointed out that such acts distort and undermine the Islamic religion.

He said that the conference aims to address the phenomenon of insulting Islam and its sanctities to know the reasons, motives and objectives as well as to determining the legitimate concept for those acts offensive to Islam and Muslims.

For his part, Mauritania Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Al-Murabet said the reasons and motives behind insulting Islam and its sanctities lie in the failure of Muslims to adhere to their religion and Muslims being weak to resist.

He called on Muslims to unite against the enemies of Islam.

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