Girl with dad teased; Police arrest rapist Hunt for eve-teasers

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 17: Police have arrested an unidentified person for consuming alcohol and beating another man and causing him a deep cut on his head, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
The drunkard was reportedly flirting with a young woman when she was walking with her father on the Salem Al-Mubarak Street and when the father objected to the behavior of the man, he hit the father on the head with a glass.
Patrolmen who were on duty in the area seized the drunkard and referred him to the area police station.

Police arrest rapist: Police have arrested a Saudi youth who was wanted by law for breaking into the home of a Kuwaiti woman and sexually assaulting her, reports Al-Rai daily.
A police source said the incident happened mid-January in 2013 and the woman had filed a complaint with the Jabriya Police Station.
In her complaint the woman had said she had given the suspect KD 45,000 when he promised to marry and later dumped him after she discovered he was playing with her sentiments. The complainant added one day the suspect sneaked into her home and raped her.
The man was arrested while driving with a young woman in Salmiya. Police suspected him and ordered him to pull over.
After checking his records police discovered he was the man wanted in connection with the rape.
The police source said the suspect was playing the same game with the woman in his car and was on his way to his apartment.

Hunt for eve-teasers: Police are looking for three unidentified youths for damaging the car of a Kuwaiti woman, reports Al-Shahed daily.
In her complaint to the Shamiya Police Station the woman said she was with two of her friends and three youths kept following their vehicles.
The complainant added, when she arrived at the Faculty of Education and was parking her vehicle, one of the youths opened the car door and tried to give his phone number to one of her friends who was seated at the back.
However, since he could not open the door because it was locked, the other two friends broke the side glass of the car and escaped when the women screamed for help.

Liquor peddlers nabbed: Police have arrested two Asians — a Bangladeshi and an Indian — for trafficking in locally-manufactured alcohol, reports Al-Kuwaitiah daily
The Bangladeshi was arrested by a police patrol in Wafra for speeding and when police checked his vehicle, they found 36 bottles of booze.
During interrogation he admitted to trading in booze. He also told police he was only the supplier and that he worked for an Indian man.
The Bangladeshi then gave police information about the Indian.

2 kilos drugs seized: Customs officers at the Abdali border post have arrested a Turkish truck driver for attempting to smuggle two kilos of hashish into the country, reports Al-Anba daily.
The trucker appeared confused when he approached the post and police used trained dogs to search the drugs which were neatly hidden in secret compartments of the truck.
The contraband and the smuggler have been referred to the authorities.

Syrian trio assaulted: Police are looking for 25 people for assaulting three young Syrians and causing them serious injuries, reports Al-Rai daily.
A security source said the incident happened when a neighbor called the Syrians and said some people were damaging their truck which was parked on an open ground in a suburb of Sa’ad Al-Abdullah.
When the Syrians rushed to the spot, the suspects - some of whom were armed with knives - beat and stabbed them and escaped.
The truck is totally damaged and the Syrians have been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital.

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