Teachers focusing more on ‘tuitions’ Parents decry low quality of school uniforms at high prices

In this week’s online poll conducted by the Arab Times, a majority of respondents hit out at the low quality uniforms that some private schools provided at exorbitant prices. The topic of the poll was about problems related to schools in Kuwait.

The issue of school uniform has been raging among the Indian community for a while following a sudden decision to change uniforms by the board of a particular private school. Parents who spoke to the Arab Times condemned the board’s decision saying it was absolutely uncalled for and that garnering extra revenues for the school seems to be the only objective behind the move.

Parents also complained that the new uniform was priced two or three times higher than the cost of the old uniform which was available with local merchants. “After the parents took up the issue seriously, and voiced our concerns loudly, the school board revised the uniform cost cutting it by 50 percent.” This has put the school authorities in dim light, “who see the school merely as a money churning machine.”

Another great number of voters, 22 percent, picked out the issue of school teachers focusing more on private tuitions to the neglect of their school duties. This was a concern that both expatriates and citizens shared, and they riled against the practice saying that’s illegal and unethical.

Parents complained that many a time children learn very little from the school, and the parents have to literally teach them everything.  “Most parents don’t complain thinking it’s the incompetence of their child that is to be blamed. However, the truth is teachers don’t teach well in the classes so that students are forced to take up special tuition with them. This brings them extra income.  Secondly, teachers who teach outside the school are unable to cope with the workload and compromise on teaching quality in the school, because their school salaries are not affected by their level of commitment.

A small minority of parents thought that the school authorities were forcing children to raise funds for the activities by making them sell raffle tickets on special occasions. Apart from this being a distraction for students, some parents also found it demeaning to send their children around in the neighborhood asking people for money. Some parents also said that raffle tickets, which work like lottery, have a religious proscription, “and school authorities need to understand these sentiments before forcing things on children.”

Other problems in schools revolved around poor roads and parking spaces, often creating a logjam in the mornings and evenings. Unhygienic toilets also attracted some votes. But they were seen as minor problems.

By: Valiya S Sajjad Arab Times Staff

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