‘Unsuitable’ meat controversy rages Fear of health hazards expressed

By Abdul-Nasser Al-Aslami
Special to the Arab Times

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 13: The fear of consuming spoilt meat and animals prohibited by Islam has resurfaced, due to a recent outcry by Municipal Council member Abdullah Al-Kanderi on the purported importation of donkey and elephant meat, alleging a company has been supplying dead livestock to some restaurants.

Al-Kanderi doubted ability of the precautionary detective equipment to differentiate the types of meat imported for sale and consumption. He affirmed that the country lacks the right equipment for detecting meat that is permitted for consumption in Islam (halal). He cited livestock such as camel, cattle and sheep, and stressed the equipment should be able to differentiate the meat of donkey and elephant which are prohibited.

He cautioned the phenomenon is likely to cause health hazard associated with food in the country and explained he did not mean to scare people, indicating he was trying to uncover the state of affairs in the country. He reiterated a company has been importing the controversial meat from Ethiopia to the country, assuring a team from Jahra Municipality monitored a company that supplied meat to several restaurants within the governorate to affirm that it actually supplied the meat of dead livestock to the restaurants. Records indicated the importer distributed the meat to major restaurants in the area, especially Sa’ad Al-Abdullah.

Meanwhile, the Islamic preacher Sheikh Nazim Al-Misbah praised the efforts of the concerned authorities assigned to control and inspect markets, restaurants and other places where rotten meat could be used, sold or distributed, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

In a press statement, he stressed that is essential to take all necessary legal measures to protect people from rotten or inedible food as it could harm the health of the consumers.

He pointed out that meat obtained through illegal slaughtering methods is forbidden for consumption as per Islamic norms as in the case of pork meat consumption.

Meanwhile, he indicated that those who commit violations by importing rotten meat into the country should be severely punished, adding that closing down shops of people who sell rotten meat is not a severe punishment.

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