MP commends govt decision to OK anti-money laundering laws ‘Grilling requests aim to do away with some ministers’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 11: MP Khalid Al-Shatti has commended the decision by government to approve laws to control money laundering and fight terrorism. He considered the act as a step in the right direction.
Al-Shatti stressed the need to hold the intellectual organization accountable for suspending approval of these laws, noting Kuwait may fall under the clutches of international penalty if legislation and laws are not approved to control money laundering and terrorism.   

He indicated officials of the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs are exerting tremendous efforts to prepare draft laws to control money laundering and terrorism, and that the National Assembly has performed its role adequately by passing the relevant laws.
Al-Shatti asked about those responsible for delaying the approval of these conventions. He cited former Minister of Justice Ahmad Baqer and other ministries as responsible for suspending approval of laws in this regard. He is of the view that Kuwait must be part of the world to be able to join it in the war against terrorism for the benefit of the country.

Al-Shatti said discussion will resume on ways to control terrorism, with the relevant amendments to reduce the period of protective custody during the meeting of the Legislative Committee on Tuesday.
He reiterated support for the nullified parliament’s proposal to reduce the period of protective custody to protect freedoms and serve the welfare of citizens, expatriates and the entire society. He hopes the current parliament will sustain draft laws the nullified parliament approved in this domain.
Meanwhile, MP Hamad Al-Dousari has said recent interpellation requests aim to do away with some ministers. He added other grilling proposals will be presented later to force some ministers to give in to the lawmakers, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

In a statement, Al-Dousari stressed the idea of proposing grilling in the first two months of parliament’s lifespan provokes uncertainties and question marks among many citizens and there is certain agenda to chuck out some ministers.
He added each lawmaker has the right to propose grilling, but the timing for such inquests rouses suspicions against all intentions, adding he has been notified about the performance of Interior Ministry and its officials and urges the minister to remove some of its top officials who have served in the ministry for a long period.
With regard to the Interior Ministry collaborating with an Israeli company, Al-Dousari said he does not support such cooperation because Israel is not the only threat to Kuwait, as there are some Iranian cells in the shadows.


By: Bin Arfaj Al-Mutairi

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