What happens to pay of suspended staff if found not guilty?

What happens to the pay of a person who is suspended by the firm but is later found to be innocent of the charges which caused his suspension? Will he be paid for the duration of suspension although he has not been attending office?

Name withheld
If a person is found to be not at fault, then he has to be given all his rights. He has to be paid for all the days he was suspended regardless of the fact he was not in office for that duration.



My company has recently issued me a 3-month notice saying my services are no-longer required by them. They have assigned no reason for my dismissal. Is the company legally right to do so?

Name withheld
Unfortunately, the company is right. In fact this is the easiest way to fire employees because giving a reason could sometime land them in trouble.
For example, if the company said it was not satisfied with your performance and you had been getting good reports from them over the years, the company could be taken to court. If it just said it was downsizing or just didn’t need you services nothing could me more easier for them.

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