Sheikh Jaber cleared doubt

HH The Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak cleared doubts when he said recently, “The incumbent Cabinet is the government of the guardian.” He asserted he stands firm with both feet on the ground, contrary to the allegations made by some people that he puts one foot with the toppled lawmakers while the other is with the country.  This is what the Kuwaitis have been waiting from HH the Prime Minister. They want him to restore confidence in their hearts and help them overcome their worries. They have been worried about rumors that the premier’s heart is with HH the Guardian, while his sword is with the toppled majority which does not have any power to impose its opinion on him.

They are worried and annoyed as they keep on hearing Ahmad Al-Saadoun claiming that Sheikh Jaber had earlier told him he supports the five constituency system with four votes and he is against the one-vote decree but it is the decision of HH the Amir. Yes, we were worried like most citizens due to the strange turn of events in the country, especially since the premier did not immediately refute Al-Saadoun’s claim. People got more suspicious when they heard allegations that some ministers are waiting for HH the Guardian to change his stand on the one-vote system due to the loud voices of those who oppose it. Luckily, all our doubts were cleared when HH the Prime Minister dispelled the rumors in his recent speech.

We want to reiterate that this is exactly what we want from HH the Prime Minister because the Kuwaiti nation expects a decision to stop the riots and silence the big mouths. The nation wants efforts of the big mouths to go in vain. These big mouths have done nothing for 30 years but to instigate conflicts and hurl baseless accusations at others. Their attitude has irked the entire country and halted the development process, simply because the government and its ministers are afraid of those working against HH the Amir and the executive and judicial authorities. They have even tried to instigate conflicts between some ruling family members to achieve their own goals.

Due to these conflicts, we failed to realize the development objectives achieved by some GCC countries which sought the assistance of our experienced and efficient youths in the 1990s. We missed the development train but the statement of HH the Prime Minister made the Kuwaitis happy as he proved that the government fully complies with the directives of HH the Amir — the father of authorities and the judge between his people and the institutions of his country.
The statement of Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak is considered an affirmation of allegiance to HH the Amir and to Kuwaitis who doubted his stand on a number of issues. The words he uttered recently were clear and removed suspicions from the hearts of citizens.

Moreover, the entire nation was relieved after realizing the judiciary remains strong, fair and independent. The judicial authority has proven that it does not succumb to pressure from any party as reflected in its decisions. The Kuwaitis still believe the judiciary is the protector of laws and it ensures justice for all.
This nation has realized it is now time to implement the laws properly. It is also a time for reviving institutions which have been paralyzed for three decades. The recent verdicts assuaged fears of the people who have been worried for a long time due to the determination of troublemakers to work against the authorities.

Thank you, HH the Prime Minister, because you have proven to the Kuwaitis that the entire nation remains united in supporting HH the Amir who continues to work for the development of Kuwait.


By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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