Bahrain for talks

THE Bahraini government has called for national dialogue — a move well-received by the people and governments of the GCC countries and the first session has been slated for Sunday. This is a clear indication that Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifah is determined to restore the lost glory of the Kingdom; particularly the leading role it played in the economic and cultural fields in the past. We hope those who call themselves the opposition have learnt from the turn of events over the last three years. We wish they have realized that Bahrain is not a Kingdom for a certain sect or group; because it is for all the people regardless of their religious or political affiliations.

The dialogue, which is widely supported by the people of Bahrain, is the outcome of public marches that called for the implementation of all methods to protect the country and strengthen national unity; in addition to supporting the procedures taken by the GCC to safeguard the Kingdom, ward-off the invaders and prevent anyone from violating the sovereignty of Bahrain. Welcome to the dialogue in which every party will present grievances and demands; instead of taking to the streets like those who have been blinded by foreign agendas and raised void slogans in a bid to call for justice and reforms. Their genuine calls and concerns would have paved the way for foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the country.

Fortunately, the Bahraini leadership and the GCC people and governments noticed the looming danger immediately. They exerted tremendous efforts to foil the conspiracy that would have made Bahrain an easy prey for the savage mouth of Iran, which has been eyeing the Kingdom for decades. Iran has been waiting for an opportunity to meddle in Bahrain’s affairs through lame excuses, in the same manner Saddam Hussein did when he invaded Kuwait in 1990. The citizens of Gulf countries are fully aware that Bahrain and its people are inseparable and their destiny is one; hence, they quickly stood up to defend the nation and address the issue before it gets worse. For the people and governments of these countries, an attack on one member — whether from inside or outside — is an attack on everyone.

Reconciliation is indeed a national demand; every nation in the region strives for it in order to achieve sustainable development goals and to combat corruption. Despite some lapses, people in this part of the world are keen on moving against anyone who raises reform slogans to ‘sell’ his country or to invite foreigners to interfere in national affairs like what some groups in Bahrain have been trying to do.
We emphasize, once again, that calling for the implementation of genuine reforms is the right of all people; whether they are from Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia or any other country in the region. All Bahrainis, including the Shiites and Sunnis, have the right to enjoy the best welfare program; especially since they live in a small country where it is easy for those in power to look into the needs of its people and to realize their ambitions.

We also emphasize the importance of closing doors to those who want to sell Bahrain to another country, because according to the law and as reflected in their actions, these people are traitors who should bear in mind that the Kingdom of Bahrain has been a sovereign State for hundreds of years. Therefore, there is no way to undermine this sovereignty or for it to fall into the hands of foreign forces; regardless of the action of those who remain traitors in the eyes of the nation and its laws. An attempt to sell countries is blatant treachery — an offense that history will never forgive.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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