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On March 10, 2010, I started working in my company. I was hired from abroad and as per Kuwait labor law you should first complete 3 years service in the company before you can request a transfer.
My questions are:
Is it true that the start of your contract is the departure date from your original country to Kuwait?
Can I get a release; though I will finish my 3-years service in the company on March 10, 2013 but I want to submit a resignation letter effective Jan 20, 2013 with a 3-month notice and my last day of work will be April 20, 2013?

Name withheld
You can’t demand a release before you complete three years with the company and as you started working with the company from March 10, 2010, the late date to complete the three years will be March 9, 2013.
You can, however, submit your resignation before this date as the 3-month notice is connected in the service. After you complete the 3 years you should not have any problems in getting the release.
And lastly the start of the contract is not the date of departure from your country, rather the date on which you start working for the company.

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