Alley Masters clinch Championship group trophy Dubop take Amateur group crown

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 1: Alley Masters topped all teams in the Championship group finishing with 10813 pinfalls to clinch the championship trophy of the ATC/IBL Season-3 at the finals played Friday at the 360 Mall Bowling room. Al Qwassem and Bowling Wizards clinched the second and third spots with 10806 and 10798 pinfalls respectively in that order in the same group.
The tournament ended with awards presented to the winning teams, top six ladies in terms of high averages as well as mixed doubles winners and sponsors.
On the other side of the fence in the Amateur group, Dubop topped the pack after felling 10438 pins followed by XXX in second place with 10285 pinfalls with Lane Surferzz finishing a distant third at 10097 pinfalls. But the finals were preceded by some ferocious contests earlier in the build up to the climax with seven teams in each of the championship and Amateur groups battling it out in two separate round robin tournaments.
Al Qwassem out of their seven games in the first Round Robin lost only one to Spare-Us giving them a total of 35 points and an overall pinfall total of 5470 after overcoming Bowling Wizards, Bowling Stones, Alley Masters, and Android Rollers to clinch the first position of the round in the champs group. Main scorers for Al Qwassem were Fadel Qwassem 189, Aziz Aslawi 237, 206, Aseel Roumi who got 212, 246, 224, 223, 227 with Ali Bouloushi finishing 244, 217.

Bowling Wizards on the other hand finished second in the group, winning five of their seven games while bowing to Al-Qwassem and Spare-Us in the other two of round robin one ending up with a total of 5335 pinfalls and 30 points, Nasha King at 205, 205, 213, Mohammed Ebrahim 209,201 216, Jun Guerra 209, 233 Saud Khalid 223, 196 and 192.
Meanwhile, Mehrdad Tabibzadeh, Ahmad Sultan, Ali Saleh, Ali Mulla, Mousa Abdullah and Bader Omair combined their individual high performances to lead Alley Masters to five game wins in the first round robin to earn the side a third spot in the championship group. Other champ group winners of the first round robin stage were Spare-Us in 4th position, Bowling Stones in 5th, Android Rollers 6th and AlFarisy Strikers 7th.

The first round robin amateur group matches ended with the Team XXX felling 5090 pins to finish first in the group with 30 points while team Hope overcame all opposition except first-place team XXX and a draw with Lane Surferzz to clinch the second position after downing 5121 pins. Mudassir Tungekar, Fatima Sequeira, Nadine Dias, Melwyn Pereira and Saheer Abbas were the main players behind the XXX victory while Sharifa Hajji, Abdullah Khamis and Mohammed Al Hoti starred for Hope. Lane Surferzz clinch the third spot 5046 pins felled.
Other winners in the amateur round robin one were New Stars, Dubop and Street Bowlers. Kuwait Energy, however due to unforeseen circumstances could not raise a team to honor their scheduled engagements at the tournament.

With all teams contesting for the win, Al-Qwassem finished the final round robin stage of the tournament with an impressive six out of seven game win to top the ranks with 70 points after knocking down a total of 10806 pins in both rounds. The highest scoring games for the final round robin were played by Fadel Qwassem 191, 189 Aziz Aslawi 223, 224, 223 Ali Bouloushi 209, 221, 214 Alfred Avila 190, 196. Al-Qwassem thus ruled the final round robin championship group, followed by Alley Masters who won six of their seven matches and ended up with 10813 pinfalls as first runners up with 55 points.
Bowling Wizards who played the first round robin with one player shot still managed to finish with 10798 pins and 50 points. On the other hand, Android Rollers, third runners up in round two of the championship group, surprised even their own fans when they came up with some impressive plays to beat such high-flyers as Spare-Us, Bowling Wizards, Bowling Stones and also managed to cross the 850-pinfall threshold to win extra points to boost their standing.
They finished with 40 points and 10481 pinfalls. Spare-Us and Bowling Stones were the other winners of the championship group with AlFarisy failing to show up for their final scheduled match of the tournament.

Dubop progressed from match to match in the Amateur Group and finally dusted themselves up from the bottom of the table with surprising wins in high-scoring games. And with a total of 55 points and 10438 pinfalls they emerged tops, winning every single match of the seven games, pushing the round one top team XXX who garnered 10285 pinfalls to second place.
With five wins and two losses Lane-Surferzz finished third in the final round robin of the Amateur group, garnering 52.5 points after 10097 pins downed. Siddarth Nair, Aji Varghese, Renju Jacob and Jegy George featured prominently in the Lane-Surferzz win.
Despite missing a few of their youthful players, the New Stars still came up with some powerful plays in the second round to win four of their seven games, finishing fourth in the group with 9726 pins with most of the high scores scripted by Bader A Kharafi. Street Bowlers downed 9142 pins with 30 to finish fifth while Hope were brought three notches down from third in round one to sixth position in the final round.

Final Team Standings
Rank    Championship     Points    Total     HIP Group         Pinfalls
Winner    Alley Masters    55    10813
1st Runners Up    Al Qwassem    70    10806
2nd Runners Up    Bowling Wizards    50    10798
3rd Runners Up    Android Rollers    40    10481
4th Runners Up    Spare Us    40    10252
5th Runners Up    Bowling Stones    40    10229
6th Runners Up    Alfarisy Strikers    0    0

    Amateur Group          
Winners    Dubop    55    10438
1st Runners Up    Xxx    55    10285
2nd Runners Up    Lane Surferzz    52.5    10097
3rd Runners Up    The New Stars    40    9726
4th Runners Up    Streetbowlers    30    9142
5th Runners Up    Hope    27.5    5121
6th Runners Up    Kuwait Energy    0    0

At the end of the 7-hour long grueling second round of the Advanced Technology Company sponsored tournament, awards and trophies were presented to winning teams, players as well as sponsors.
The top six ladies with the highest averages presented with trophies included Ramona Soares, Samantha Fernandes, Fatima Sequeira, Nadine Dias, Monali Jeremiah and Celine Fernandes.
Mixed-Doubles award winners included: Mohannad Ebrahim / Saud Khalid (Winners), Aseel Roumi / Ali Bloushi (1st Runners Up), Mudassir Tungekar / Melwyn Pereira (2nd Runners Up), T Ahmad Sultan (tournament High Game-with Handicap),
The Alley Masters squad won the Tournament High Series-With Handicap trophy while Glenn D’Souza for all his support in helping IBL with sponsorship received a trophy. Season-4 of the IBL tournament kicks off sometime in March 2013.

By: Iddris Seidu

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