If company doesnt renew licence what will happen to my temporary visa (Article “14”)

In November 2011, I joined a manufacturing company to prepare the factory plan and set up their manufacturing equipment including designing of their product, but currently, the company is facing a financial problem and all their licenses have expired.

These include the Ministry of Social Affair and Labour “shoon,” chamber of Commerce and for Industry licenses.

Due to these problems, the firm extended my visa for three months on Article “14” till Jan 30, 2013.

In this regard, if the expired licenses are not renewed, what are the consequences if my working visa is not being renewed to Article 18. Can the company extend the Article 14 visa for another month or 3 months or till they stamp my work visa.

Unfortunately since November we are not receiving our salary due to the financial problems. If I file a resignation, kindly advice me if I can still ask for the unpaid salary including the annual leave payment.

Name withheld
First of all if you have already got a 3-month extension, it will be difficult but not impossible to get another extension. Normally, the Immigration Dept only gives a maximum of 3 months extension but in such cases as yours it sometimes does allow more extensions so that people don’t become illegal.

So, if the licenses are not renewed your residence will also not be renewed but you will not face too many problems if you keep on working for the same company. If, however, you are caught working for another company, you could be arrested, fined or deported.

If you are not getting your salary in time you can get a release and transfer to another company as long as the company’s files are not closed.
And yes, you can still file a claim for all your dues.

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