MP queries on ‘Iranian’ ships’ FM asked to provide details of procedures taken by ministry

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 30: MP Khalid Al-Shulaimi submitted a query to the Deputy Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid about the accuracy of news reports regarding the presence of Iranian ships in the Kuwaiti ports, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to the news report, a meeting was held between officials from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomats from the US Embassy in Kuwait during which they discussed about the activities of Walfajer 8 Company, as its ships have entered the Kuwaiti territorial waters more than once.

MP Al-Shulaimi demanded the minister provide him with details of the procedures which the ministry took to ensure none of the blacklisted Iranian ships enter the Kuwaiti territorial waters.

He enquired about the accuracy of the information which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had presented
officially to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry regarding the company not being blacklisted even though it is owned by IRSIL, which is banned worldwide.

He also enquired about the accuracy of the news report that the company representative Mohammad Redha Meqdami had entered and exited Kuwait even though he is blacklisted internationally, adding that he wondered about the extent of Kuwait’s support in the Iranian nuclear program.

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