Life in Kuwait may be dull - end of the year bank balance is more Many see situation as a blessing in disguise

In this week’s online poll, Arab Times asked readers for their opinion on social life in Kuwait. The responses ranged between the negative and the complacent, with a majority, 40%, stating that there are very few social events organized in the state.

When talking to people on this opinion of voters, most agreed. However, many of them saw it as a blessing in disguise, “because it gives people more time for family, and helps them save money.”
Expatriates who have lived in other Gulf states, before coming to Kuwait, said that life in Kuwait may be dull, “but at the end of the year you have more bank balance which enables you to do more productive things in life, such as making good investments.”

Some of the citizens who spoke to the Arab Times had a dimmer take. The poor social and entertainment scene in Kuwait forces people to indulge in the only available entertainment, eating out. “That’s a big reason why there’s growing obesity in the state.”

About 23% of the voters said that different communities in Kuwait organize their own social events in a private fashion. “Since it’s held behind closed doors, it’s not known widely.” People who supported this view said that such parties and functions make sure there’s community bonding; moreover, they are also cost effective as they are organized not for profits, but for entertainment and socializing.

However, people were wary of parties that go overboard, where immoral activities take place. A particular respondent said that in a neighboring flat on New Year’s eve, a bachelor’s party went so wild that other residents had to intervene and warn them to play down or face police action.  There are several social groups operating in Kuwait promoting drug abuse and alcoholism.

Another 23% of the voters said they are happy with the way things are in Kuwait. For them it’s just work and family that matter. As long as they are able to balance their professional and family lives, they are happy. They said that countries that promote too much entertainment and social life also open out venues for moral corruption. “It may be fun to live there, but it could also have too many negative consequences, which may bear upon the next generation.”

Twelve percent of the voters find entertainment in shopping malls and restaurants. For them it’s more about an excuse to go out and hang out somewhere, than actually indulging in some particular activity. Cinemas are also good for some emotional catharsis and to relieve stress, a few interviewees noted.
A very small minority, 1%, said that there’s a lot happening in Kuwait, and there’s no need for more. They ask people who disagree to scan the newspapers every day, and count the number of social and entertainment events that take place here.

By: Valiya S. Sajjad Arab Times Staff

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