We will go together to ‘EU Parliament’

THE European Union Parliament has poured cold water over attempts by the so-called opposition members of the nullified Parliament to file a complaint against Kuwait. The European Union has given Kuwait a clean chit concerning this complaint. We would have liked to see these people humiliated in front of the formidable Union because it would have given us an opportunity to open the can of worms about their human rights records based on their legislations, proposals and interference in people’s liberties and all sort of things. All this would have been enough to show their chronic hostility and aggression against the freedoms and opinions of others in contrast to theirs. The following is a true story which demonstrates how formidable the EU is when it comes to dealing with such groups. One person who called others infidel published in his country’s daily newspapers an opinion which was soaked in racism and smelt of ethnic cleansing.

This person proposed putting sterilizers in the drinking water of a certain sect because according to him the members of this sect were producing a lot of babies and if they drank this water it would slow the pace of its population growth. However, as days passed by people forgot about the statement which this person had made. One day, this person had to go to Europe for medical treatment. Back home, one of the human rights activists filed a complaint with the EU against this person and attached the statement he had made to the complaint as one of the exhibits. This led to the issuance of an arrest warrant against this person who had once called others infidel.

Following this the ambassador of this person’s country paid him a visit in his hotel room, asked him to collect his belongings and offered to drive him to the airport in his diplomatic car to help him return safe and sound. The person felt ashamed and embarrassed. This is what we would have done to the evil mob in our country. We would have ensured that they don’t leave their homes lest they were ready to face arrest for their heinous acts and statements — the decision would be theirs. Whenever you decide to file a complaint with the EU Parliament against Kuwait, kindly notify us. We will accompany you and help you present your case. It will also help us present your files which are fully soaked in antagonism and hostility against human rights principles.

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By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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