Morsi ‘realizes’ dream of Dayan

MOSHE DAYAN, former defense minister of Israel, was quoted as saying in 1968, “If we overthrow the military regime of Abdul-Nasser for the Muslim Brotherhood to take over governance, the smell of corpses and blood will distort all of Egypt. This should be the objective of our war and it will be realized through the assistance of our American friends.”  Dayan made the statement more than 45 years ago but it is now happening in Egypt where the Brotherhood has taken over the mantle of leadership. The group has been struggling to establish a new form of dictatorship under the guise of raising divine and religious slogans.

Members of the Brotherhood have been under the tutelage of American and British secret agents for the last few decades, while Israelis continued to breastfeed them even after the weaning period had ended. Is the declaration of state of emergency in some governorates in Egypt Morsi’s way of implementing the security measures laid down by Dayan?  In his recent speech, Morsi stressed, “Based on our right to protect our blood and to maintain security against crisis-provokers, I declare a state of emergency in Port Said, Suez and Ismailia.” The action is about spilling blood, not the right to protect blood because he has instructed the Armed Forces to arrest whoever violates the directive. He used this method to avoid responding to the demands of millions of his people who took to the streets to call for the removal of the ‘government of the spiritual leader’.

Instead of declaring a state of emergency, Morsi should have addressed his people, whom he usually calls ‘compatriots’ in his speeches, as follows: “Based on the right to protect our blood, I have decided to take a back seat in governing the country.” However, we now see him pushing Egypt towards the direction Dayan had wanted and he made a declaration which he criticized during the reign of former president Hosni Mubarak.
Morsi knows that the atmosphere in Egypt at the time gave room for freedom of expression more than the current situation. Hundreds of protesters used to gather in various cities, yet there were no clashes between them and the supporters of the ruling party; contrary to the present situation under the Brotherhood, Salafist Movement and other Islamic blocs.  

Over the last decades, we have been witnessing the double standards of the Brotherhood and other religious groups. They usually use religion as a tool for assassination, destruction and conspiracy. Now, the representative of the spiritual leader in the corridor of power has declared a state of emergency and he restricts movement to prevent the eruption of citizens’ anger over the destruction of governance walls built with skulls and corpses. He took this step because he thinks Egypt is a farm and the citizens are servants of the spiritual leader, so they have no right to object to his desire which he regards as divine. The tyrannical Iranian leaders have also implemented a similar system.

Morsi is oblivious to the fact that the citizens have paved the way for him to get the leadership post and the people, who have been yearning for a new Egypt, had sacrificed a lot to eliminate corruption in Egyptian institutions. It is then wrong for anybody to believe that the citizens are incapacitated. They do not need a spiritual leader or those who turned corruption of some officials during Mubarak’s era into ‘divine action’ to guide them.

At every point, Morsi intends to paint the eye he blinds. He has been using the language of threat and intimidation since the beginning of the crisis. He accuses hidden powers of targeting Egypt. This conspiracy theory stands as justification for a person who rose to power through conspiracy and deceit. The truth is the Egyptians have been against the leadership of the Brotherhood since its inception due to the crimes it has committed against the State and citizens.

The funniest aspect of the issue is that Morsi acts as an arbiter and a party in a feud in which he is involved. In his recent speech, he reiterated respect for judicial verdicts, yet he was the first person to strip the judiciary naked when he interfered in its affairs in a manner never seen in the history of Egypt.
If Morsi really respects wishes of the citizens, he would have opted out of the government immediately after millions of citizens participated in protest actions to demand for his ouster. He would not have instructed the Armed Forces to arrest the demonstrators. He would not have closed his eyes when the military officers fired at the protesters.

A verse in one of Al-Mutanabbi’s poem clearly depicts the current situation of Morsi : “Any leader who does not differentiate between light and darkness never sees his subjects, yet he sees the seat of power even if the pillars that support it are made of the bones of citizens.”     


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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