Photo from Bedoun demonstration
Special Forces quell protests by Bedouns Gulf citizen held for ‘stunts

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 25: The Special Forces Friday quelled the bedoun demonstrators who took to the streets soon after Friday prayers in Taima, Jahra.

The Special Forces were called in after the Bedoun ignored calls to disperse peacefully and instead continued chanting slogans demanding naturalization. The Special Forces, after warning the demonstrators, used stun bombs and tear gas.

The Director-General of the Capital Governorate Major-General Tariq Hamada, heading the negotiations with the demonstrators was Capital’s Director-General before calling in the Special Forces reminded the demonstrators that an article in the law says, freedom of gathering is guaranteed by the Constitution; however, the demonstrators must immediately disperse when asked by securitymen.

The demonstrators first gathered in front of the mosque in Jahra, their traditional ‘meeting’ point and demanded citizenship and release of their members who were arrested during an earlier demonstration before taking to the street.

At the height of the demonstration, one Bedoun tore his 1965 national census document, saying he doesn’t want anything which distinguishes him from other Bedoun. He went on to say, he does not recognize that document any longer. He ensured that everyone around saw that he was registered during the 1965 census before tearing it to pieces.

Confrontation between the demonstrators and the Special Forces continued as the traffic police controlled the vehicular movement.

Meanwhile, the Special Forces have taken into custody a youth who was making stunts with his four-wheel drive during the demonstration.

According to security sources, he is a citizen of an unidentified Gulf state and police have seized from his vehicle several sharp weapons. He has been referred to the authorities.


By: Abdullahi Sahud Special to the Arab Times

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