Burden of ignorance, backwardness mounts

A REPORT released by the Egyptian Human Rights Grievance Council in late 2012 revealed that 64 percent of Egyptian women are victims of harassment. Egypt was ranked second in the world report on sexual harassment incidents, while Afghanistan is on top of the list.

A female activist, who is against the idea of separate buses for women for fear of setting the final stage for gender discrimination, has pointed out that the system of separating boys and girls in schools, as well as during religious lessons when they get older, makes them think the opposite gender is the enemy of purity; while anyone who practices another religion is the enemy of the Lord!

In Kuwait, there is a gender segregation law which prohibits men and women from mingling in the university. The Muslim Brotherhood coalition took pride in that law in 1995. The law has caused us countless problems and we still suffer from its implications, such as unjustified expenses and delayed graduation. Moreover, the Shadadiyah University City will not see the light until 2016 and it might not be implemented at all, just because of the unfair Segregation Law.

We hope some of the incumbent MPs will have the courage to propose the nullification of the law and toss it into the dustbin of history. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where we took the gender segregation law, King Abdullah University was established based on the co-education system. May the masters of backwardness choke!

One thing comes with another. We also hope to see the law against the naturalization of non-Muslims in the dustbin of history. This is something we have not given to competent people who deserve citizenship in recognition of their dedicated service to the Kuwaiti community. Instead, we have about 100 men and women who have become a burden to us through political naturalization. It is enough to see the burden of ignorance and backwardness which keeps on mounting in our community.

We also want to see the amendment of the Administrative Law which does not allow the review of administrative decisions, including those related to nationality, deportation and construction of worship places. This is strange and unconstitutional as Article 50 of the Constitution stipulates separation of authorities with cooperation. The executive authority then came and meddled with the affairs of the judiciary through the Constitutional Law. It acts as litigant and judge rolled into one as it single-handedly deals with issues related to citizenship, deportation and building of houses of worship.

I wish the amendment of this law is not just a ‘flag’ raised by the Parliament members, because it will be beneficial to the Bedouns through court orders and foreigners through the revocation of unlawful deportation directives. Also, the number of churches and husseiniyats will increase.

Therefore, our response to instigators is, ‘’So what? Let anyone deserving benefit from the amendment, including Bedouns, foreigners, and people of husseiniyats and churches, since it will be done in accordance to court orders that reveal the reality in confronting the corrupt and unjust government.
Meanwhile, calling the attention of the Ministry of Education or those who are concerned; an honorable lady demands for a law which requires the use of real Arabic numerals (1,2,3); rather than the Indian numbers (1,2,3) we usually use in our all official transactions and other documents.

The numbers on our car registration plates and civil IDs are in Arabic, while numbers used in our schools and our official transactions are Indian. Thank you in advance.


By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Oil Minister
Email: Ali-albaghli@hotmail.com

By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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