Jordan’s King exposes the ragtag Brotherhood

THE malicious protests and campaigns that the Muslim Brotherhood has launched against the Jordanian government continued despite the decision of King Abdallah II to implement reforms and his determination to lead his country towards the Promised Land. He amended the electoral system, so the next elections will be held under the one-vote system.

The fact that 70 percent of the Jordanian registered voters support the decision has unmasked the opportunity-seeking group. It has revealed the level of their popularity, which is opposite to what they enjoyed in previous elections when they used to win majority votes through the unfair electoral system. In spite of the sensitive position of Jordan geographically, demographically and politically, the Kingdom’s administration has ignored threats to take action against the King if he does not rescind the decision.

Meanwhile, the group has realized the reformative step taken by the King has led to their loss of control over the parliament, just like the case in Kuwait. The only difference is that the Jordanian government has not engaged in any dialogue or urged the noisemakers to allow the country to get back to the right track as we have done here. The King merely responded to the pleas of the Jordanian majority which depended on the executive authority for protection against the oppressive acts of people with destructive agenda.

The group derives strength from its international connection; hence, it works day and night to realize its vision of taking over governance in all Arab countries. However, the strong will of King Abdallah bin Al-Hussein in facing the ‘Brotherhood hurricane’ has prevented the transformation of Jordan into another Palestine. This transformation is part of the Brotherhood’s plan to control governments in Arab countries, especially the strong ones, by ‘purchasing’ government stability in Egypt, Jordan and other concerned nations.

The action is to begin with dispersal in the Palestinian way without any change in the Israeli demography and maintenance of its current border. The messages sent by Brotherhood leaders in Egypt, Jordan, Libya and Tunisia hinted on their intention to ensure that the Palestinians and the citizens of countries which accommodate them will pay for the final solution to the Palestinian issue. The latest of these messages was the one sent by the Egyptian leadership to ‘Dear Peres’, according to the statement made by President Mohammad Morsi recently.

Yes, King Abdallah II has stopped those sick of daydreaming to control Jordan and topple the government legitimately. Apparently, those who suffer from delusions in Kuwait have also thought of using the National Assembly as a gateway to take over governance, but the fair judiciary had thwarted their plan. The amendment of the electoral system was the final nail on the coffin of coup attempts in Kuwait, so the situation has prompted them to seek external defense against the country and the majority that stood by the Amir in his decision to protect the nation.

The massive support, which the Jordanian government has obtained from majority of its citizens, is a clear indication that most Arabs are against the idea of following the group whose history is full of deception and oppression. The group does not hesitate in committing crimes just to realize its objectives. It always tries to cover falsehood with innocence and clean palms, even if it is completely enmeshed in corruption. Are the allegations made by the group against the noble people in Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco and other Arab nations not enough? Has it not opened the ‘floodgates’ of corrupt promises and bribery as the case with the son of Morsi who has been managing fat accounts in Arab banks in the last few months in a manner the most corrupt leader in history has ever tried?

The Jordanian parliamentary elections will be held today according to the one-vote system, yet the Brotherhood remains isolated in its decision to boycott the elections, similar to what happened in Kuwait, because they have realized their popularity has waned drastically. This means Jordan will not be the new victim of the group, since King Abdallah II has taken a wise decision. He prescribed the right treatment for the headache that the Kingdom has been suffering for many months. The government has blocked the way of the vicious group which intends to transform the Kingdom into another Afghanistan, Somalia or an unsuccessful State in the same manner they destroyed Egypt.

King Abdallah has succeeded in making a firm decision to stabilize the country with the support of the executive authority and citizens, just as the Kuwaitis have also stood firm in supporting the Amir. Will the ‘ring’ of firm stance to support the government and the implementation of the Constitution continue in order to foil the destructive plans of the frivolous group, away from any secret settlement with those keen on destroying the country?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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