Youth nabbed, hunt for two in daring rape of 2 women Disabled Kuwaiti, compatriot woman caught doing drugs in car

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 21: Police are looking for two youths, wearing sports clothes, for kidnapping and raping an Ethiopian housemaid, reports Al-Rai daily.
A security source said, according to a complaint filed by the maid’s Kuwaiti sponsor with the Abu Halifa Police Station the maid was on her way home and the two men forced her into their car, drove her to an open area and raped her.
Meanwhile, police have arrested a bedoun youth for ‘raping’ a young woman and ‘stealing’ her car, reports the daily.
A security source said the woman in her complaint to the Sulaibiya Police Station said she was inside her car which was parked in front of a shopping centre and the youth suddenly got in beside her and forced her to drive to a desert. He then forced her to have sex with him and drove off with her car.
She went on to say, she borrowed the phone from a Kuwaiti passerby and called police.
Based upon the information provided by the woman, police seized the bedoun and referred him to the authorities.

Disabled drug addict: Police have arrested a physically handicapped Kuwaiti man and a compatriot woman for possessing and consuming drugs, reports Annahar daily.
A security source said the couple was in a sports car and they were arrested at a police check point in Salmiya.
The daily added the woman was also wanted by law. Police have reportedly seized a quantity of heroin, narcotic pills and an undisclosed sum of money from the car.
The couple has been referred them to the Criminal Investigation Department.

Bootlegger caught: Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department have arrested a Kuwaiti man for bootlegging, reports Al-Shahed daily.
The daily quoting security sources said police acting on a tip-off put the trader under surveillance and caught him red-handed while selling a carton containing 12 bottles of whisky to a police agent.
The daily added, police armed with a search and arrest warrant then searched the man’s house in Salwa and seized 11 more bottles and referred him and the booze to the General Department for Drug Control.

UK woman assaulted: Police are looking for five young men for assaulting a British woman who is believed to be in her 50s. The incident happened in the parking lot of the 360 Mall, reports Al-Shahed daily.
The woman has filed a complaint with the South Surra Police Station. In her complaint she said was involved in an argument with the suspects over a parking slot. The youths then assaulted her and escaped.
The complainant has submitted a medical report issued by the Mubarak Al-Kabir Hospital. The report shows she is suffering from injuries and bruises.

US citizen robbed:
An unidentified US citizen has filed a complaint with the Mangaf Police Station accusing his Nepali housemaid of stealing his wristwatch worth KD 1,600, reports Annahar daily.

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