‘Forgive debt of Kuwaitis’

KUWAITIS agree that the one-vote decree has broken the jinx of manipulating the outcome of elections, through which we suffered injustice for several years. Election irregularities in the past nearly transformed the Kuwaiti democracy into something like the Lebanese democracy in which it is difficult to distinguish the real leader. It is similar to the Iraqi situation that has attracted civil wars and it would have been like the Egyptian democracy, which is only a shape without content.

Your Highness, your subjects appreciate your strong stand against attempts to destabilize the country. You are always mindful of justice in all the steps you take. You issued a decree to amend the voting system in order to return the rights of the electorate; thereby, making everybody relax after experiencing anxiety for a long time. The only exception is the minority who lost interest in scrapping the four-vote system. This group’s influence and relevance had waned significantly. They went back to their shells as they were embarrassed after they filled the country with allegations, insults and assaults. They are not confident enough to reveal their driving force, plans and moves through the slogan that has no basis in Arab heritage.

Yes, the minority troublemakers have lost support after realizing that God Almighty has instructed the people to be obedient to their leaders. Several members opted out when they realized their leaders were engaged in vices. The few ones who remained have vowed to be ungrateful for the blessings, and they have failed to recognize security and safety.

Compared to its experience over the last 30 years, Kuwait is now optimistic; devoid of provocation, noisemaking and frivolous allegations that impeded major projects. The experience has proven that the allegations were based on fake agenda aimed at boosting the image of those behind it.

Your Highness, God knows we do not exaggerate when we say the sky is pleased with our actions and blesses us with torrents of rain. The country is now in an unprecedented optimistic situation. People are looking forward to development and execution of major projects that have been left pending due to unjust rampages in an attempt to take control over the country and even the topmost leadership.

Yes, people are optimistic although we are in the year whose tail end is 13 which stands for pessimism to some people. We are out of that concept considering the feeling of relaxation, because we are aware you know the needs of your subjects. You possess attributes of great leaders who listen to their subjects directly and work on their cases.

Your Highness, at this point, we want to ask, ‘Don’t your subjects have the right to enjoy more compassion and benevolence from you to consolidate their happiness and comfort, such that the country regains its lost glory as you promised? Don’t your subjects deserve this right, considering the expression of love and firmness against provokers who intend to mislead the country? Don’t they have the right to wipe away their sorrow due to debts, especially the low-income earners who have been suffering and exposed to fake electoral promises? Doesn’t the national economy deserve to be active again through certain catalysts, even if the cost will reach KD 6-7 billion, in addition to the opening of the expenditure pipe through which money will rotate economically until it returns to the base?

According to the principles of Sharia and the existing regulations, you have to rescue your money to rescue your wealth. This means the public authorities for investment, social security and other major agencies should manage the sovereign wealth by spending it on something beneficial to the people. Without investment projects and motivation, shares will turn out to be losses; hence, the loss of sovereign wealth.

Your Highness, the ownership of the bourse, real estate or financial institutions is not restricted to members of the management councils. At the end, the government and thousands of Kuwaitis are the ultimate owners. If there are ‘parasites’ impeding such activities, the best thing is to remove them from the markets where the major companies operate.

The deal is completely different from what operates in many countries which rescued their major companies through a package of assistance so they can rise above the global meltdown. These countries pumped money into the companies according to well-studied laws.

Your Highness, these problems require solution, just like your subjects were happy with the one-vote decree which returned equality to the right path through the election results. They are also waiting for justice concerning the debts and pumping of money into the markets for them to maintain feelings of optimism, justice and development. They believe you are keen on fulfilling the promise to return the lost glory of Kuwait.

Kuwaitis, who are used to the kindness of their leader, want to be rescued from the claws of wild debts, slow development, economic crisis, suspended housing projects, and inadequate healthcare and other basic services.

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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