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‘Weak performance’ of teachers tied to students taking up tuitions Phenomenon displeases parents, educators in public schools

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 19: The parents of many students and educators in public schools are displeased about widespread private tuition across the country, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

These parents and educators attribute the phenomenon to lack of proper explanation of the subjects in class by many teachers, which also is the main reason for many students opting for private tuition to ensure good grades.

According to experienced educator and columnist Khawlah Al-Ateeqi, private tuition has become a common phenomenon in recent years due to weak performance of the teachers. She noted that many teachers are ineffective and find it difficult to teach the curriculum appropriately. “I suggest that government recruits competent teachers rather than depending on weak elements because the outcome will be outstanding if teachers perform excellently,” the woman educator reasoned.

Contributing to the discussion, former assistant undersecretary at Ministry of Education Dr Yaqoub Al-Sharrah stressed that private tuition is an integral part of many other academic activities that require reform. He identified three major areas of education that demand urgent reform and cited teacher training, update of curriculum and putting the schools in good shape to make it conducive for learning. “As for the teachers, government should employ the best among the applicants while organizing training programs for them to improve their standard and ensure they teach the students adequately.”

Hamden Al-Nemshan, legal consultant of Kuwait Journalists Association, identified two major problems that drag students to search for private tutors, and mentioned difficult curriculum that cannot be assimilated by students. He also said students end up looking for private tutors to assist them in difficult subjects and blamed those who drafted the curriculum for complicating the syllabus.

He is of the view that the humble standards of teachers, low skill and weak training are another reason dragging the students toward private tuition. “Many of those teachers go out on private tuition immediately after closing from school around 2:00 pm until 10:00 pm”, he added, indicating most of them reach home completely tired, so they go to bed in that situation and wake up feeling weak in the morning, so how do we expect such teachers to perform in school.    

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