Al-Mubarak rejects use of violence against protesters MP supports grilling of Sheikh Ahmad

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 18: MP Maasouma Al-Mubarak has said the country’s security file is not properly managed. She condemned the manner in which the ministry deals with security issues, saying it’s not commended by Kuwaitis, while she rejected the use of violence against protestors – whether they are citizens or expatriates, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The statement was issued on the sidelines of the national day of Sudan when she participated in the celebration at the embassy premises in Kuwait.

Commenting on the intention of MP Faisal Al-Dowaisan to grill the First Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Sheikh Ahmad Al-Humoud, the woman lawmaker said each MP has the right to use the constitutional tool of interpellation against the ministers.

She explained that Sheikh Ahmad had declined to answer some questions during the closed-door session held to discuss the security file.

She stressed, “I was not happy with the performance of the minister during the session, but the parliament submitted 18 proposals and gave him 3 months grace period to deal with the file, thus we have given the minister until April to take up full responsibility on the issue”.

Also, she said “I do not know the pivots of this grilling request as Al-Dowaisan did not hold consultations with the lawmakers, so it is difficult to give my opinion on the pivots of grilling, even though I agree on giving the ministry an opportunity to deal with the file”.

She further rejected the use of violence against protestors, unless there are riot during unlicensed rallies.

For his part, Al-Dowaisan is unhappy with the media activities the Minister of Interior has been conducting in recent times, adding the act will not be favorable for him during the grilling episode, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Al-Dowaisan asked Sheikh Ahmad to show he’s able to shoulder the responsibility. He reiterated that the interpellation request aims to verify the Ministry of Interior is the ‘safety valve’ in the country and that he can manage the security situation.

However, Al-Dowaisan declined to set a date to submit the proposal, the daily quoted sources as saying.


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