KMA says ‘no’ to proposal by MPs - ‘Racial-inclined’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 18: Kuwait Medical Association (KMA) has rejected a parliamentary proposal that gives priority of treatment to Kuwaiti patients regardless of the condition of expatriate patients, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

KMA describes the proposal as racial-inclined that classifies expatriates as second degree entities and undeserving of integrated medical care as the citizens who are also human do.

In this context, the Vice-President of Kuwait Medical Association Dr Meshal Rouheldeen said KMA completely rejects what they term as ‘racial proposal’ that downgrades the expatriate entity and their right to receiving better medical care.

He added the association was surprised about the proposal that embarrasses Kuwait in the international community, indicating the idea contravenes the Constitution. He also said the proposal if approved will adversely affect Kuwaitis who will experience a similar treatment abroad.

He stressed the proposal violates the principles and morals of medical profession, so the association had earlier refused a proposal to allot special hospitals for citizens, seeing the idea violates morale, as well as medical and humanitarian principles. “The association perceives the establishment of new government hospitals and health utilities as appropriate solution to congestion at the medical sector.
In another development, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Thikra Al-Rasheedi met the chairman of Kuwait Trade Union Federation Fayez Al-Mutairi and director general of Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sabah Al-Rabah in the presence of other officials to find ways of controlling the phenomena of marginal personnel and trafficking in people (TIP).

Sources reiterated the need to approve laws to organize the activities of the workforce in the country, particularly domestic workers.

Meanwhile, MP Khaled Al-Shulaimi was recently quoted as saying he will submit a draft law Sunday concerning civil and social rights of bedoun in the country, reports Al-Rai daily.

He added the draft law includes 17 articles. The main article concerns the definition of the word ‘bedoun’.

In answer to this article, Al-Shulaimi said a bedoun is a person who is registered with the Central System for Remedying the Illegal Status of Bedoun or the one who is registered independently or with his family at the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) under the title bedoun and resides in Kuwait.
As per this draft law, the bedoun will be given a civil ID for five years and in the nationality column the word ‘bedoun’ will be written. This civil ID will be used as a legal document in by official, executive and judicial authorities in the country.

The bedoun will be also be given passports, driving licenses, birth and death certificates and marriage contracts and divorce documents besides the right to free education in governmental schools.

Moreover, they will be given the right to join the private schools at the expense of the Education Fund which has been established for this purpose. He affirmed the draft law grants them the right for free treatment in governmental hospitals and clinics and they will be treated like Kuwaiti citizens in this regard.

They will be prioritized after Kuwaitis for jobs in government institutions and will be treated so in terms of salary, social allowances and any other financial merits.


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