Bedouns protest against Al-Fadhli’s detention

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 18 Scores of bedouns demonstrated in front of the Imam Al-Sha’abi Mosque in Taima after Friday prayers and have threatened to go on hunger strike until Abdulhakim Al-Fadhli is released.
Al-Fadhli is one of the bedouns who was arrested earlier during a similar demonstration.
They say the bedoun case is 60 years old and until now no steps have been taken to solve this problem.
For his part, Director-General of the Jahra Security Directorate Major-General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah contained the situation and listened to the demands of the protestors.
He then asked them to express their demands through the media following which the protestors dispersed and later gathered in the vicinity of the Jahra Hospital.
They roamed the streets of Taima shouting slogans and singing patriotic songs. They also called on their colleagues to support their move.


By: Arab Times Report

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