Excess fast food, lack of exercise ‘perilous’ ‘Medical emergencies on rise’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 12: Head of Public Relations at Medical Emergency Department Yaqoub Al-Yaqoub revealed that increased cases of medical emergencies were reported in 2012 as compared to that of 2011, indicating that the total number of medical emergencies that were dealt with in 2012 were 53,898 while in 2011, there were 47,114 medical emergencies.

Al-Yaqoub pointed out in a press release issued recently that the total number of medical emergency centers in the country is 35, revealing that new centers will be opened in 2013 in coordination with the private sector.

He said the management had also developed the communication systems for improving the services provided in order to enable the paramedics to reach the location within eight minutes.

He explained that the management is using LGBS system using which the technicians at the medical emergency centers are able to identify the location and type of the incident, adding that the same system has been implemented in the laptop of the ambulance for the paramedics to access the same information.

He also explained that the management implemented a new system using which the location of the incident can be identified through numbers on lampposts, adding that the system known as ‘Tatra’ was also implemented through which all medical emergency authorities in Kuwait are linked in coordination with the Ministry of Interior.

Furthermore, Al-Yaqoub revealed that the number of road accidents in 2012 was 9,959 while in 2011 it was 8,816, indicating that the foremost reason among several reasons for road accidents is the lack of awareness of the drivers and road users.

Al-Yaqoub demanded for a national voluntary campaign to be organized in order to reduce the number of traffic accidents, stressing that all the concerned authorities and committees in Kuwait have to participate in the campaign, as this is an important issue that affects people from all layers of society.
In addition, he indicated that an increased number of Internal Medicine emergencies were reported in 2012 as compared to 2011, revealing that there were 15,739 such cases in 2012 and 12,632 in 2011.
He explained that the causes for such emergencies are incorrect food habits, excessive consumption of fast food and lack of exercise.

In conclusion, he assured that the management will carry out several drills in 2013 with the hospital managements in order to improve the efficiency of the medical emergency and hospital teams.


By: Munaif Nayef Special to the Arab Times

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