Ghazi Al-Omar, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Hmoud and Abdulhamid Al-Awadhi
CID, police in blame game as crime, immorality climb ‘Country in dire need of eliminating foul activities’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 9: The increased number of unsolved cases related to crimes and thefts, which were registered against unknown individuals and referred to the Criminal Investigation Department indicates that the country is seemingly relaxed about its security. The officers from Criminal Investigation Department come to their headquarters daily and leave at the end of the day after following up with the security situation of the country from their offices.

Earlier, these officers used to patrol all areas round the clock, which were fruitful in controlling illegal activities and crimes and arresting the thieves of vehicles and shops; however, such patrolling activities seem to have ended. Every time a new Director of Criminal Investigation Department is appointed, he implements his own way of dealing with the security of the country, which is different from his predecessors; unfortunately, this seems to have impacted the activities of the patrol teams.

Security sources revealed that more than 140 theft cases of vehicles from different areas against unknown individuals were registered in the police stations. Securitymen contact the officers from Criminal Investigation Department to check stolen vehicles after they are recovered in order to collect evidences and lift fingerprints. However, even though these officers lift some fingerprints, it seems as though they do not care about such cases and they deal with them according to their moods.
Some thieves are experts in stealing luxury vehicles from areas which are considered secure. The officers from Criminal Investigation Department used to tour these areas and managed to arrest most of the thieves. However, it seems the thieves have lately been freely doing what they want without any fear of action against them from the officers.

Security sources also revealed that cases related to face-to-face robberies are being registered increasingly every hour, adding that most cases are related to thieves grabbing the handbags of women while they shop at commercial complexes particularly in Farwaniya Governorate. Reportedly, these thieves wait inside their vehicle near the complexes or malls and wait for women to pass by them. As soon as a woman passes their vehicle, they reach out from the vehicle, snatch the handbags and quickly flee from the location, without considering the fact that the women fall on the ground and sustain injuries. Sources stressed that the officers from Criminal Investigation Department have not been able to arrest such thieves, who are freely continuing their crimes without fear of any action against them.
Some officers from Criminal Investigation Department blame the directors and head of departments for the reduced field activities. They catch some thieves and criminals by chance via sources, claiming that they earlier used to solve large number of cases themselves irrespective of the type of cases.

Meanwhile, for the first time in the history of the security field, no arrests were made, no prostitution dens were raided and no immoral activities were detected during the New Year, which usually occurs in the camps. Criminal Investigation Department did not take any action against such activities, particularly after a news site broadcasted a video of a party inside a ballroom in Salmiya where skimpy-dressed people of different nationalities were dancing.

Some Kuwaiti citizens had reported to the authorities about a debauched party where music was being played loudly and girls were shouting and dancing; however, those authorities failed to take action against the organizers of those parties.

Officials from Ministry of Interior issued a press statement in which they stressed the need for developing the standard of country’s security systems to the level of other Gulf States and eliminating the phenomenon of violence and theft.

National security is deteriorating, and quick action and firm decisions are required from the Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Lt General Ghazi Al-Omar and Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs Major General Abdulhamid Al-Awadhi who are keen about providing security to the country and to the people under the guidance of the Minister of Interior Sheikh Ahmad Al-Hmoud Al-Sabah.


By: Meshal Al-Sanousi Special to the Arab Times

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