Regency hold off Go Sport for title KFM, Crowne Plaza, Pinoy win

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 29: In the opening game at the Filipino Basketball League (FBL) Friday, KFM beat Al Taza’s 64-52, as rounds seesawed between the two teams in a tight fight.
Opalinta was named the best player of the game for his crucial 9 points, the first of which was a 3-pointer.
After establishing a big lead in the first round with 16 points, KFM took the stick in the second to be restricted to 9 points, while Taza pushed ahead with 13 points. However, KFM fought back hard to clinch the game. Valera scored 12 points for KFM.
Oliver Nicolas was flamboyant for Taza, scoring 23 valuable points that saved his team a bigger humiliation. He finished his team’s scoring with a delectable 3-pointer. Renato Cruz provided strong support.
In the second game, Crowne Plaza downed Movenpick in a last gasp victory of 75-69. Benoita and Atong did the damage for Crowne Plaza, scoring 44 points together, more than half of the total. The devastation wreaked by the duo squashed Movenpick, whose attempt at replies saw some success initially.
Zablan and Amagod were the two key players for Movenpick. The rounds progressed 18-3, 27-25, 50-46 and 75-69.
Mark Tadlas was unstoppable in the game between Pinoy Kuwait and Titans, upending the Titans with brilliant firepower. Mark scored 22. The Titans seemed invincible in the opening round, scoring 24 against a meek 13 by Pinoys. However, the Pinoys came back strong in the second round scoring 25 points, yet lagging behind Titans.
In the rounds that came after that, the Pinoys were unstoppable, especially with Mark playing to full potential, and raining baskets all around. The game ended 81-74 in favor of Pinoys.
In the last game of Friday’s conference, KEO met KTS to give the latter an ignominious drubbing 82-67. KEO relied on teamwork and everyone chipped in to contribute to the overall success of the team. Olido and Luage scored 12 apiece. Sumande scored 15. Vargas and Dumol also put in their mites to the scorecard.
KTS mainly relied on their Kenneth C who scored in excess of 30 points, along with Niro who gave him strong support. Together they cobbled up more than half of the score volume. However, with little support from others, KTS had to bow out to KEO.
The 10th Women’s Volleyball Conference came to a close Friday with Regency Hotel emerging champions. Go Sport were the first runner up, followed by Fil Q8 in the third place and Nature Spa in the fourth place.
The game between Regency and Go Sport went down to the wire, running into the fifth set, as the teams fought tooth and nail for supremacy. Fortunes seesawed to see Regency finish on top 3-2. Janette was the best player of the game.
In the fight for the 3rd spot between Fil Q8 and Nature Spa, the former won hands down 2-1.
The Most Valuable Player of the Conference was Mariel Gawara of Regency Hotel. The award for the Mythical Six went to Marion Canares of Go Sport, Ingrid Lagaras of Go Sport, Dinah Millosa of Nature Spa, Mariel Gawaran of Regency, Gemma Tante of Regency and Huda of Go Sport.


By: Valiya S. Sajjad Arab Times Staff

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