CSC to be compelled to find work for Kuwaitis MP to submit proposal to Parliament

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 29: MP Yaaqoub Al-Sane’ revealed on Saturday that he intends to submit a proposal that compells the Civil Services Commission (CSC) to find suitable work placements for unemployed citizens registered in the commission within six months.

In a statement to the press, Al-Sane’ said the issue of unemployment in the country has remained unresolved and therefore must be a priority during the current legislative round as it greatly concern the public.

“The CSC is requested to list all government jobs held by expatriates in government institutions - excluding rare and technical jobs such as in the medical, judiciary and engineering fields - in preparation for replacing the expatriates with Kuwaitis, especially since we have around 500 thousand expatriates working office and administrative jobs in various government entities,” he explained.

Meanwhile, a number of MPs have expressed their chagrin on recent employment promotions issued at a Kuwait oil company on Thursday, saying the promotions were not based on qualifications but nepotism. According to report, Minister of Oil Hani Abdulaziz Hussein will form an independent committee to investigate the validity of those promotions.

MP Saadoun Al-Otaibi warned the minister that the issue will be included in a grilling request against him. He said the promotions do not consider competence and seniority.

“It is not acceptable that positions are distributed based on sectarian and familial affiliations without justice or equality. This issue will not pass easily and we will follow it until each individual receives his due,” he said.

Al-Otaibi requested the oil minister to halt those promotions and investigate the legitimacy of position distribution and look into complaints in that regard fairly.

On his part MP Yusuf Al-Zalzalah said he cannot find a reason for the formation of an investigative committee to look into the promotions, “it would have been better if the oil minister cancels those promotions and reconsiders all applicants”.

Al-Zalzalah requested the minister to retire key figures in his ministry and pave way for young competent Kuwaitis to take over those positions.

On another note, the special session requested by a number of lawmakers to discuss security issues in the country will be held as a closed-door session to allow the government the freedom to present its arguments, according to sources.

By: Nihal Sharaf Arab Times Staff

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