Calculation of Annual leave

Question related to annual leave as per new Kuwaiti Labour Law enacted on Feb 20, 2010.
It states 30 days annual leave.
My question: How will it be calculated? Is it after completing 12 months continuous working months. Or is it after working for 11 months only.
It says 30 working days as holidays and official holidays are not counted.
Does this means official weekdays like Fridays and Saturdays as well as special holidays like Eid holidays, Liberation Days are not counted.
As an example, if someone goes on vacation on 1st of Feb 2013, there are 8 holidays (4 Fridays and 4 Saturdays) plus National and Liberation days on 25 and 26 two days. Total 10/11 days, deducted from 28 days of February, it makes 18-19 days working days only. So exactly until which date the vacation will last.

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The Labor Law clearly states 30 working days leave per year and not after a year. So this means that you are due for leave after having worked for 11 months. This is the correct way to determine the leave.
Secondly, all the leaves (exempt sick leave, which should fall at the start or end not to be counted towards the leave) and official holidays should not be counted in the annual leave because the law  clearly says ‘30 working days.’ The weekend off, only one day and not two, should also not be counted.
Going by this calculation, in the coming February (2013), after taking out the four Fridays + 2 days for National and Liberation days, there are 22 working days in that month (unless some other official holidays which have not so far been announced also fall in February.
So if you start your 30-day annual leave on 1st Feb 2013, you last day should be March 10, because of two weekends off that week (March 1 and 8).

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