‘Wife can disobey spouse if legitimate rights neglected’ Appeal against lower court verdict dismissed

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 28: The Jafari Personal Status Court presided over by Justice Jawad Al-Abdullah revoked an appeal a husband filed against the ruling of the Court of First Instance that canceled a lawsuit the man submitted earlier imploring the court to oblige his wife to obey him.

Defendant Attorney Zainab Al-Ramezi beseeched the court to revoke the appeal and argued that the wife is allowed to disobey the husband if legitimate conditions are neglected. The court ordered the husband to pay the legal fees of the lawyer.

The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Hassan Al-Shammari dismissed an appeal filed against the verdict of a lower court which acquitted a citizen from the charges of insulting a security operative.

According to the court files, the Public Prosecution had filed a case against the citizen, accusing him of insulting a security operative while the latter was on duty. The prosecution based the allegation on testimony of the plaintiff and witness, and results of investigations.

The Defense Lawyer Khalid Al-Saidi said during the court session that the allegations lacked substance since there were no backing evidences. He challenged the prosecution to present other evidences rather than mere verbal accounts.   

By: Jaber Al-Humoud Special to the Arab Times

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