62-member group hails current parliament’s handling of issues ‘Double efforts to achieve real development’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 28: The 62-member group has described the current parliament as having canines and claws, and that government should understand the parliament is able to pose a ‘no-confidence’ motion against any minister, reports Al-Rai daily.   
At the first meeting of the group following the last parliamentary elections, the members agreed the structure of the current parliament serves the national interest and it’s necessary to keep it up. They also said the need to use the grilling tool to punish any minister working against the parliamentary notion.   
The group gave an open invitation to all citizens to join them, indicating the group is not exclusive to specific individuals only. They called for the lawmakers to present plans and proposals that guarantee stability and security in the homeland.   
For his part, Speaker of Parliament Ali Al-Rashid said the 62-member group has achieved tangible successes thanks to its devoted efforts to serve the country.
He said the group is no political bloc and its members hold various viewpoints, but all of them unanimously agree on the love for Kuwait.
He reiterated all sons of Kuwait are welcome to join the group, saying his new post obliges him to be neutral and get close to all.

Meanwhile, Attorney Abdulmajeed Khuraibet has required the approval of legislation to stop the rallies so as to strengthen security in the residential areas, while applying law impartially and strictly.   
Dr Haila Al-Makimi stressed the current phase requires doubling efforts to achieve real development. She maintained legislation can not be complete in the absence of real surveillance, because it is easy to approve laws without necessarily applying them.   
MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan said “we need a wise surveillance, and we need to activate the constitutional tool when we feel the government is failing to execute its duties”. He justified the right to using grilling tool in this parliament to correct mistakes and not achieving personal interests.    
Meanwhile, Advisor Ahmad Al-Fadhalah said the current parliament needs to be more cautious while taking decisions, particularly in the current sensitive phase. He stressed the need to become aware of those who are interested on destroying the National Assembly, and reiterated the society has many sensitive matters to resolve, such as Bedoun and housing issues.
Several lawmakers are preparing a new draft law for elections to be submitted to the Constitutional Court to decide on the appeals which have been filed disputing the constitutionality of the decree of necessity which was issued to give ‘one man one vote’, instead of the four, reports Al-Jaridah daily.
However, the sources said this step is precautionary in nature should the Constitutional Court issue a verdict against this decree.
MP Mubarak Al-Nejada said some lawmakers plan to submit a new election draft law to look into most previous defects. However, none of the lawmakers have submitted a serious draft law in this regard so far.
He stressed any new draft law in this regard should be impartial to enable various groups of the Kuwaiti society to take part in the parliamentary elections without any exclusion against any group.
In the same context, Parliamentary Financial and Economic Committee held a meeting Thursday to tackle the decree of necessity which is aimed at privatizing the Kuwait Airways Corporation.
Furthermore, sources said MP Safa Al-Hashim along with a number of lawmakers has submitted a demand to the Speaker of Parliament to increase the number of parliamentary sessions to three every two weeks instead of two sessions.

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