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I would require an expert’s advice on a doubt regarding my residency permit cancellation. My family was living here with me in Kuwait and currently there are not in the country and are in a situation which they cannot travel back here for next 4-5 months because of medical reasons. I want to cancel my work visa including my dependents’ visa as soon as possible as I have accepted a job offer in Dubai.
Please advise on the following doubt.
My company here is advising that I need to cancel my family’s visa first in order to cancel my RP? Since I cannot bring my wife for another 4-5 months what is the way out?

Name withheld
: First of all, your family’s residence will automatically be cancelled once they have been out of the country for over 6 months or once your residence is cancelled.
There are two things here — It’s none of your company’s business if you cancel your family’s residence or not. Secondly, their residence should automatically be cancelled once yours is cancelled.
And lastly, it doesn’t matter if they are in the country or not. You, as a sponsor, can always approach the Immigration Dept to cancel their residence. At the most, the Immigration Dept will also ask you to surrender their Civil ID cards and that your family can send to you by mail.

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