‘End of the world can not be calculated’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 26: Kuwait Society of Engineers on Monday hosted Astronomer Dr Saleh Al-Ojeiri in an open meeting organized by the Commission of Public Relations.

Al-Ojeiri spoke about many issues related to the end of the world, as well as technological advancement and its impact on education and behavior of a country, and the emergence of astronomy in Kuwait.

According to Al-Ojeiri he tried from early age to conduct research on the end of the world but he realized only God knows about the time, and it is not an issue that can be calculated by humans.

He mentioned that scientists have done researches on other planets and discovered in those planets are many creatures different from those on earth — in terms of size and form, stressing that Jupiter for example is 1,200 times bigger than Earth, so do the creatures living on it.

Also, he discussed the history of education in Kuwait and said the people in olden days searched for knowledge in many ways, even though the system of education at that time wasn’t improved as it is nowadays.


By: Sayed Al-Qassas Special to the Arab Times

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