Al Zaid, Izumi top FAST League 2012 Veitch, Al Sadoon Isidro, Alinea brilliant

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 26: Filipino Action Shooting Team (FAST) Tournament Director Faisal Al Zaid was not surprised nor were any of the other shooters when it was announced that Al Zaid had topped the FAST League 2012 to emerge as the best shooter of the year. Following closely on Al Zaid’s heels were Tournament Directors Hiroaki Izumi and Chris Veitch — also a member of the “Three Musketeers” — who emerged 2nd and 3rd best over the whole year to show their dedication to the sport. This was the first year ever that the organizers held an yearly competition called “FAST League 2012”. This was based on the average points of the 10 best fun shoot performances of each contender for the whole year, and although some Tuesdays results were not published, the scores were counted towards this competition. All the shoots were held at the Mayadeen Shooting Complex. A total of 144 competitors took part in various competitions over the year with 851 shoots being conducted but only 29 of the participants qualified for this competition because participation in a minimum of 10 shoots was required to be a part of the League.

The categories for the competition were FAST members, non-FAST and Professional. Major shoots held within the year were not included towards the League. These fun shoots could not have been a success without the commitment of the Filipino Action Shooting Team (FAST) officers who organized the tournaments every Tuesday evening led by FAST President Chito Lamigo who is currently on holidays-guided by Eric Ragma one of the finest Range Officers in the arena to ensure safety — backed by all the other FAST office-bearers with the support of Range Director Gen Ahmed Al Saleem. Most of the shoots over the year were the brainchild of Tournament Director Raja Sulaiman, a member of the “Three Musketeers” club, who got a lot of help from all the other members in laying out the courses every week.

While different scenarios for the shoots were arranged every week, the scoring mostly remained the same with an aggregate scoring method applied to calculate the final score of each competitor with a bullet in Apha earning 5 points, while hits in Bravo and Charlie brought 3 and Delta 1 points but the shooters could also earn a lot of penalties as a miss and a procedural error saw a deduction of 10 points each. The total score was divided by the time taken to complete the shoot to arrive at the final average of each competitor. So a person not only required a steady shooting arm, he was also required to be fleet of foot. FAST Tournament Director Faisal Al Zaid proved that he was head and shoulders above all the other shooters when his best 10 shoots over the year brought him an average hit factor of 3.8244, about half a point better than the next shooter. He took part in a total of 19 shoots this year.

It is because of Al Zaid’s consistency that some of the other shooters want him out of the amateur section and promoted to the Professional Class but the rules require he win 10 titles within 6 months for this to be done. While Al Zaid has often failed to join the shoots over the past few months due to some business requirements overseas, he still managed to collect 6 titles from June to the end of this year. So he fell four titles short of the requirement.
Over the whole year, Al Zaid landed in the top three spots on 13 occasions with six first places, five second places and two third places. While some others matched Al Zaid for the number of top spots, he owes his top position overall to the fact that he achieved excellent hit factors with once going over six and another time over five. None of the other shooters in the amateur section were able to achieve similar records. His best shoot of the year brought him a 6.1130 hit factor.

Meanwhile, Hiroaki Izumi surprised no one when he finished the second-best shooter over the whole year because every FAST member had seen Izumi’s dedication to the sport and knew that he was destined to do well. He was also one of those FAST members who was present at nearly all the shoots with 25 notches to his name.
Izumi finished the whole year with an average hit factor of 3.2914 to emerge as one of the only four shooters had an average of over three points. Izumi’s second spot is mostly due to his consistency as he finished among the top three 13 times with two first places, five second places and six third spots. His best shoot saw him achieve a 4.3724 hit factor.

Close on Izumi’s heels was veteran shooter Chris Veitch who had an average hit factor of 3.1686, with the best being 4.0316, to finish as the third best shooter over a whole year. Veitch is well known for his accuracy and in nearly all the shoots has emerged the best with the maximum bullets in Alpha.
Veitch’s third place is a reflection of his consistency over the whole year. He won only one tournament in the last 12 months but he was in the top three on 11 occasions from a total of 25 participations. Besides his first place, he was second six times and third four times. Besides being a very good shooter, he has been instrumental in the conduct of the shoots.
Taking fourth place overall was probably the best shooter as far as top places or top three spots ware concerned — Mohammed Al Sadoon. He finished with an average hit factor of 3.0372 and was the last of the shooters with an average of over three points.
Al Sadoon shared with Al Zaid and Butch Alinea the maximum number of first places but he had more spots among the top three — 14 — than anyone else in the competition as he finished second six times and third on four occasions in the 25 times he took to the range.

It was only due to the fact that the shooters with a better average than Al Sadoon shot very high scores on a few occasions that they were able to finish ahead of him. Al Sadoon is probably the tallest among all the shooters at the range, as far as height is concerned, but his steady arm proved he also stands very tall among all the gunmen.
Next in line, in fifth place, was another fine shooter who needs no introduction — FAST Vice-President Cesar Isidro, who just missed getting into the over-3 hit factor class when he finished with an average of 2.9910 after taking part in 25 shoots. His best hit-factor was 3.9293.
Isidro found a place in the top three in eight shoots as he took one title while he placed 2nd twice and finished in third place on three occasions.
Butch Alinea was absent from the range from quite long periods but he still managed to come to the range for 16 shoots to meet the requirements of the FAST League. He, in fact, did quite well in the 10 shoots that were considered to take 6th place with a hit factor average of 2.8785.
He was very consistent but he made sure that whenever he appeared on the leaders board he to went right to the top as he got six first places and one third place on the seven occasions he was in the top three with his best factor being 4.5786.

Zacharya Abdul-Husain seemed to have surprised all by finishing 7th in this League after collecting an average hit factor of 2.8693 with his best shoot bringing him a score of 3.5013. He took part in a total of 22 shoots over the year, finishing in the top three five times, taking the title once, finishing second on three occasions and third once.
Danny San Juan is one of the most respected shooters on the range and tries to be at the range every week. He finished 8th in the League after taking part in 25 shoots with a hit factor average of 2.8032 but throughout the year he failed to win any title with his best performances being three second places and two second spots. His best shoot had seen him getting a score of 3.5623 points.
FAST Treasurer Sunny Andrade was next line, taking 9th place overall after finishing with an average hit factor of 2.7578 with his best performance bringing hit a hit factor of 3.3282. He came to the range for 25 shoots and displayed quite a steady shooting arm to win one fun shoot, take second place on two occasions and finish third three times.

Rounding up the top 10 positions was FAST Secretary Ronil Garcia but he was able to take part in only 15 competitions to meet the requirement of 10 shoots for the FAST League 2012 competition. Garcia performed well on the occasions he came to the range to end with an average hit factor of 2.3970 with his best shoot getting him a score of 3.8628 after finishing first twice, second also twice and once in third place.
There were some others who won some of the weekly competitions but failed to place in the top 10 in the FAST League.
These included Nhett Bernardo who was the champion in three shoots but ended up 14th on the list while Per Ambom, Ramil Laquiao, Romano Marcelino and Saleh Al Awadhi finished on top of the leaders board once but could not figure among the top 10 ending in. Marcelino finished 16th while the others failed to qualify for League after having taken part in less then 10 shoots. Others who did well included Lambert Bernardo who was 11th, Manny Cornelio (12th) but has left Kuwait, Richard Swan (13th) in his first year on the range and Raja Sulaiman (15th).
Among the women, Sarah Butler was the only one to figure on the League after taking part in 22 shoots to end with an average hit factor of 0.7535 and 23rd place.
There 9 other shooters who qualified for the League but failed to earn a place in the first 15 namely, Malik Javed Iqbal (17th), Abdullah Tawfiqi (18th ), Mohammed Al Kout (19th), Nawaf Al Relahi (20th), Mohammed Al Shatti (21st), Aniceto Manangan (22nd), Waleed Hussain (24th), Abdullah Guinda (25th) and Lee Hae Yoon (26th).

In the Professional Category, Waleed Al Mutawah was at the top with a hit average of 4.9708 after taking part in 25 shoots. His best shoot brought him a score of 5.4282.
Mutawah was “transferred” to this category from the amateur section after winning 10 titles within six months, most of them in consecutive weeks.
In second place was Eric Ragma, one of the best Range Officers in the Arena, with a hit average of 4.6850 and his best performance over the year bringing him a hit factor of 5.8867.
FAST Sgt At Arms Willie Santos, the only other shooter to qualify for this category, had an average hit factor of 3.0029 to finish in 3rd place with his highest hit factor being 3.9367.
Meanwhile, FAST officials have announced that all newcomers wishing to participate in the weekly shoots must come to the range well ahead of time for a “dry run” over the course.
The aim of this dry run is to ensure the newcomers safety as well as that of all those present at the range. Those newcomers who fail to turn up for this dry run will not be allowed to take part in the actual competition.
On the other hand, FAST officials would like to invite everyone on Tuesday evenings to their shooting competitions at the Mayadeen Shooting Range in Subhan.

By: Jose Gabriel

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